Balance your chakras

What are chakras? How to keep healthy by keeping chakras balanced

Balance your chakras
If you're always feeling tired and under the weather but you've exhausted all the medical possibilities, perhaps your chakras are out of alignment. Chakras are seven energy centres running down your body that hold consciousness connected to your spirituality - a kind of fusing of the spiritual with the physical. The idea of chakras seems strange to most Westerners as our medicine is based purely on physical healing and does not consider energetic healing systems. But many Eastern traditions such as Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese Qigong and even Eastern Orthodox Christianity have long recognised the significance of chakras. The term 'chakra' comes from the Sanskrit word 'wheel of energy'.
Your seven chakras:
*Root chakra - base of spinal cord, called the coccyx
*Sacral chakra - lower abdomen, lower back and reproductive organs
*Solar plexus chakra - stomach
*Heart chakra - heart
*Throat chakra - neck area
*Third eye chakra - middle forehead and pineal gland
*Crown chakra - top of head
Chakras can become blocked or unbalanced, which can result in physical disease. Repressing emotions or failing to deal with trauma can throw your energy centres out of balance. Holding on to emotions such as guilt, anger, past hurts and regret is damaging and causes chakras to become blocked. Acknowledging and releasing negative emotions restores balance.
Understanding your chakras
Below is an explanation of your chakras, how they can become blocked and how to regain chakra balance.
Connecting you body to the earth, this energy centre is concerned with your physical world.
Healthy root chakra: You are grounded, stable and secure. You feel at ease with your physical body.
Over-active chakra: You have a tendency to be materialistic and grasping. You are afraid of change.
Under-active chakra: You feel unworthy and uneasy around others. You are a nervous person.
Physical signs of imbalance: Joint pain, lower backache, obesity, constipation, anorexia, and weak immune system.
Balance your chakra:
-Confront any past hurt between you and your family
-Examine negative learned notions about how to behave and handle money
-Think about why you find it difficult to relate to others
Concerned with relationships, sexuality, self expression and creativity and control
Healthy sacral chakra: You are comfortable with your sexuality. You respect and are comfortable with the opposite sex. You are able to express yourself easily.
Over-active chakra: You are overly emotional and fall in love too quickly.
Under-active chakra: You are set in your ways and find it hard to express any emotion.
Physical signs of imbalance: Bladder problems, sexual dysfunction, stiffness, sciatica, lower back pain, and problems with large intestines
Balance your chakra:
-Know when to take control and when to allow others their say
-Address addictive behaviour, whether it's alcohol, drugs, sex, people or something else
-Let go of guilt and anger
This relates to your self-esteem and sense of personal power
Healthy solar plexus chakra: You are confident but never vain or condescending
Over-active chakra: You are aggressive and like to dominate situations - which will not win friends
Under-active chakra: You are passive and indecisive
Physical signs of imbalance: Low energy, tiredness, diabetes, gallstones, muscle cramps, stomach pain, liver problems
Balance you chakra:
-Don't behave in a passive-aggressive way
-Examine the root causes of why you are so critical and hyper sensitive
-Nurture respect for yourself and for others
This chakra is concerned with relationships of all types.
Healthy heart chakra: You are open and forgiving, and have compassion for others which attracts lots of friends to you
Over-active chakra: Your love has become suffocating and selfish.
Under-active chakra: You are haunted by resentment and guilt that you won't release. You can be a cold person.
Physical signs of imbalance: high blood pressure, breathing difficulties, circulation problems, shortness of breath, chest pains, heart problems, shoulders pain
Balance your chakra:
-Allow repressed emotions to surface so you can release them
-Forgive yourself and others
-Let relationships end if they are not for your highest good. Take time to be on your own and become at peace with yourself
This is about being free to speak and express the truth
Healthy throat chakra: You are not afraid to speak the truth but are very willing to listen and accept differing opinions, too
Over-active chakra: You never listen because you're too busy talking. You will block out potential opportunities with the sound of your voice
Under-active chakra: Hiding from the truth blocks this chakra. Not speaking up when you should. You are shy and unable to express yourself
Physical signs of imbalance: Ear infections, lethargy, thyroid problems, throat problems, cervical spine weakness
Balance you chakra:
-Don't tell lies to try and get ahead
-Listen to your inner truth before you speak
-Speak confidently and clearly and mean what you say
This is your spiritual centre
Healthy third eye chakra: You listen to your intuition and have a great imagination that is able to visualise solutions to problems
Over-active chakra: You sometimes lose touch with reality
Under-active chakra: You rely on tradition and doing what you've been told is right instead of thinking for yourself
Physical signs of imbalance: Constant worrying, headaches, lack of concentration, poor memory, eye problems
Balance your chakra:
-Learn to trust your intuition
-Try meditation and visualisation exercises
-Think for yourself
This is your connection to the divine. You can receive guidance from the divine through this chakra if you listen.
Healthy crown chakra: You realise that everyone and everything is connected.
Over-active chakra: You are over-intellectualising your spiritual experience and missing the wonder of just feeling it
Under-active chakra: You have not yet tuned into your spirituality
Physical signs of imbalance: Migraines, amnesia, nervous system and muscular system disorders, mental issues and skin disorders
Balance your chakra:
-Allow yourself to become aware of a higher consciousness and a higher power
-Nurture a child-like sense of wonder at the world around you


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