February Birthstones & Their Spiritual Power

It gives us great pleasure to introduce February’s blog - which will shed light on amethyst and jasper, provide insight into harnessing the power of your birthstone.

Last month saw Psychic Sofa launch the ‘Birthstone Blog’ series - which seeks to detail the months’ birthstones, their spiritual meaning, and the power they possess in helping us all find clarity, wisdom and peace - among other desired traits that makes life a whole lot easier. In January, we discussed garnet and onyx - highlighting their calming qualities, healing properties, and their links to loyalty, love and devotion. We were overwhelmed with the response to the blog, and your kind words and appreciation of it. It therefore gives us great pleasure to introduce February’s blog - which will shed light on amethyst and jasper, provide insight into harnessing the power of your birthstone, as well as offer guidance on how to cleanse, ground and use them for the best outcome. We’ll answer questions such as, ‘What is February’s birthstone?’ and ‘What is amethyst’s meaning and Jasper’s meaning?’, among others. What’s more, we’re also running a monthly competition where you can win 1 of 10 birthstone necklaces or birthstones - we really do want you to see their power for yourself - and they certainly make wonderful birthday gifts! Therefore, let’s get this blog started, and discuss February’s birthstones - amethyst, jasper, jade and serpentine. 

february birthstones

Amethyst Birthstone Meaning, Popular Colours & Spiritual Power

Amethysts are very powerful stones that help you to open up your third eye, and experience the spiritual world more clearly. Helping you to make good decisions and strengthen your gut feelings - this birthstone helps you to connect with your spirit guides and angels - who are there to support you through troubling times. This process dates back over thousands of years, as does its protective connotations - which span various cultures. The name ‘amethyst’ actually comes from the Greek term, “amethystos” which means, ‘’not intoxicated or drunk”. The Greeks gave this name in the ancient belief that wearing this exceptional gemstone, or drinking from a cup made of amethyst, could protect you from becoming drunk (or be used as a powerful antidote to intoxication). This was due to the birthstone colour resembling that of wine - and this itself comes from Aristotle. According to Aristotle, a beautiful nymph was turned into a gem by Diana to protect her from Bacchus – the god of wine. As a remembrance of his love, Bacchus poured wine onto the stone and gave it this beautiful colour. In other cultures, the amethyst birthstone is seen as protective from harm and dissolution. The ancient Egyptians believed that carving this February birthstone into heart-shaped amulets and placing it inside burial tombs would protect the deceased in the afterlife, and help to keep them safe. In eastern philosophies, this gemstone has long been used in temple offerings and in creating beaded prayer rosaries. As a matter of fact, the Tibetans, to this day, hold amethyst as a sacred stone to Buddha and carve their prayer beads from it.

What’s more, this February birthstone is seen as a symbol of intelligence, bringing clarity to those who wear it. When sound decision-making is required, amethyst can help to guide thoughts, bringing good ideas to the forefront. This is why you may see entrepreneurs and business leaders wearing, and interacting with amethyst. At its essence, this stone promotes businesslike tendencies and advocates for professionalism. Those who are natural-born leaders can do great things in the presence of an amethyst birthstone - and they often do. 

healing purple amethyst

This most noted amethyst colour is purple - though its specific colour frequency tends to vary between violet and purple. In fact, the hue and tone of these amethyst crystals can vary, ranging from a deep purple stone to light pinkish violet, with hues of blue and red sometimes occurring. When heated, an amethyst gemstone can turn yellow-orange, yellow-brown, or dark brownish. Brazilian amethyst, in particular, is usually heat-treated in order to create citrine and ametrine (a mix of citrine and amethyst with the orange or yellow and purple colour zone) when partially heated. With the purple colour, the amethyst meaning extends to mystery, luxury and power. The colour purple contains the strength and energy of red as well as the integrity and spirituality of blue— symbolising the union of soul and body and creating a balance of your spiritual and physical beings - explaining its connection to the third eye and spiritual world.

Amethyst is also the birthstone for both Pisces and Aquarius. These two signs encompass key personality traits that range from being adventurous and charming to having deep love, sensitivity, and creativity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the February birthstone embodies these spiritual virtues as well.

amethyst stone

The purple and blue shades of the gemstone also directly tie it to the higher chakras— the crown chakra (violet), the 3rd eye chakra (indigo) and the throat chakra (blue). Such energy nodes are the seeds of spiritual connection, wisdom, and communication. Amethyst stimulates your higher mind in order to receive spiritual power and opens one to wisdom, insights and guidance that flow from such power. 

Amethyst is also known to have the following spiritual powers:

  • Stress-Reducer: Great for everything from insomnia and depression, through to anxiety and panic attacks, these overwhelming situations can be reduced with amethyst.

  • Natural Healer: When placed under a pillow, amethyst drives off nightmares. Moreover, it raises spiritual awareness and wards off unrelenting guilt. Whether you’re in danger or have fallen ill, amethyst strives to get you to a place of peace and rest.

  • Helps Bring About Harmony: This magical stone works wonders when it comes to establishing a state of spiritual calm. Feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction pour in when the power of amethyst is unleashed. When we receive information in the presence of amethyst, the mind and body digest it in unison, and this balanced process brings about wisdom and tranquility,

  • Leads With Love: By sharpening the conscious mind, this February birthstone makes us aware of the blessings that surround us. As a result, it unveils a deep sense of gratitude within us. Gratefulness gives rise to positivity, warmth, and deep affection. It doesn’t entertain unhealthy feelings such as rage and hatred.

woman sitting peacefully

Jasper Birthstone - Meaning, Colour & Spiritual Power

Along with amethyst, jasper is another February birthstone. This gemstone has been treasured for thousands of years, and had a reputation for bringing rains and good harvests. This birthstone was also credited for driving away evil spirits and protecting people from bites of venomous creatures. It was also believed to help provide courage in danger and help individuals keep a cool head when difficult decisions were to be made. 

Jasper was assigned with magic features of other birthstones, because it exists in a multitude of colours with several of those colours often present in each gem. Jasper is almost always multicoloured, with a unique and consistent pattern. The colour palette is usually along the earth colour spectrum, with commons colours being red, brown, yellow or green. On the odd occasion, you’ll find a blue jasper stone - which is a real treat.

  • Red jasper is deep in colour and has a strong connection to the earth. It is used as a grounding stone, and symbolises strength and stamina, both emotionally and physically. It’s a great stone to have around when you’re having to deal with challenges to your health and well-being.

  • Green jasper absorbs all the negative energy and is a good for anyone having trouble with nightmares. Set a jasper gem beside your bed for relief from paranoia and terrors.

  • Yellow jasper can range from bright yellow to dark mustard in colour and is one of the most centering of the different variations. It represents the solar plexus chakra, which is the centre of the body. It is known for its support of intellectual clarity, and has been a favourite of poets, writers and big thinkers for hundreds of years.

tumbled jasper with hemetite

Other types of jasper include: zebra jasper, leopard jasper, brecciated jasper and Picasso jasper, as well as fancy jasper and blue jasper.

Out of all the gemstones, jasper is the best for stress. It is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’ and it is said to help achieve a state of calm and zen. It protects your energy by absorbing all the negativity, so it’s a great one to have around when you’re going through a hard time. Jasper is also said to draw out the truth from within and helps you to see things clearly and be honest with yourself. For the eco-warriors out there, it also helps to clear out spaces for environmental pollution and radiation.

Other February Birthstones - Jade & Serpentine

Alternative gems include jade and serpentine, and they provide great power too: 

Jade - A famous green gem and Pisces birthstone that comes in two major varieties - nephrite and jadeite, jade is believed to bring tranquility to the spirit and calm wisdom to the mind. While darker shades of jade are associated with grounding and feelings of confidence and security, the lighter shades, such as yellow, white, and lavender, allow us to access our intuition and to make connections with the higher realms.

  • Jade is a beneficial travelling stone - protecting those who travel alone, and children and pets from straying or being harmed while on a journey.

  • The birthstone provides luck in love - supporting new love, and boosting trust in relationships. It is widely believed to promote fidelity in sexual love partnerships and is especially beneficial for inspiring love matches in later life.

  • Brings good wealth and fortune - In Feng Shui traditions, jade should be placed in the southeast corner of the home or workplace to bring good fortune and wealth to all.


Serpentine - A birthstone that works with the lower chakras, serpentine can help to alleviate any preoccupations you have with the physical world – or with physical intimacy.


How To Harness The Spiritual Power Of Your Birthstone

When it comes to harnessing the power of your amethyst, jasper or birthstone, there are three main approaches: Charging, grounding and adornment.

When it comes to charging, by sunlight is a common process. Leaving it for up to 12 hours in direct sunlight will allow your birthstone to absorb the strength and light of the sun's rays. To balance this energy out, you can place the birthstone in moonlight - specifically during a new moon, full moon or lunar eclipse - to harness healthy energy.

Alternatively, you can charge your birthstone through the power of your intention. Place your cleansed stone in your left hand with your palm flat. Next, put your right hand hovering a few inches above, over the top of it. With meditation strongly recommended, strive to find calm and relaxation while charging. Getting into a meditative state will allow you to feel more deeply, connect to your heart space and higher self - this being your higher mind, and access to your subconscious.

Once you feel complete peace, and connected to both the physical world, your internal world (you can feel your heart beating, oxygen circulating through your body and your blood pumping), and the spiritual world, set some intentions. These intentions can be for anything you would like, such as healing, love, grounding, clarity, understanding, knowledge and protection - for example. In the end, you charge your birthstone with your desired intent.

birds love heart

February Birthstone Grounding, Adornment & Divination

If you wish to connect to the grounding quality of the February birthstone, the first step is to return it to the earth, and bury it within it. Ensure that the earth is fresh and actually feels clean, to help with the cleansing process. Imagine that the earth, soil, or compost you choose is encompassing your gemstone in loving and healing embrace, purifying it of any and all impurities and negativity. You can leave it in the compost for up to 12 hours. Grounding should be done as the final stage, after cleansing and charging.

Wearing birthstone jewellery, or carrying your birthstone with you can help with spiritual healing, as can displaying it in your home or on an altar. Traditional birthstones tend to work best, as artificially-created, or lab-created stones won’t have the same properties, or advantages. You can find amethyst necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches in many jewellery shops, as well as jasper stones and jasper jewellery. One thing to note, is that although it is advisable to wear your own birthstone, you can also wear other traditional stones from differing months - to help boost their healing power - or the energy of a loved one who was born in that month. It's no wonder birthstone gifts are so popular, regardless of birth month. They make excellent jewellery stones, and have done for centuries.

If you wear your birthstone continuously, it could lead to feelings of too much energy, or being overwhelmed. We recommend that you take a break from wearing your birthstone amethyst necklace (or other type), bracelet or brooch if this occurs. Modern birthstones have excellent durability, so do not worry about placing them somewhere safe for a break.

Caring For Your Birthstone -  February Cleansing Rituals

When it comes to cleaning, and cleansing your birthstone, it’s imperative that you do this carefully, so as not to damage your crystals, or reduce its spiritual power. When it comes to amethyst care, for example, there are various ways to cleanse it, and these include:

  • Place it under running water for 1 minute: Water is said to neutralise any negative energy stored inside the stone and return it back to the earth. Although natural running water — such as a stream — is best, you can also rinse your stone under a tap. Some psychic readers state that you can leave your birthstone in a bowl of cold water for a few hours, although it’s advised that you do still rinse it first. Salt water can also be used to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity.

  • Smudging with sage: Sage is a sacred plant with a multitude of healing properties. Smudging your stone is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy. Please always do this safely, outdoors and wear protective clothing and earwear.

  • Breathwork: Hold the stone in your dominant hand. Focus on your intention for a moment and deeply inhale through your nostrils. Bring the stone closer to your face and exhale short, forceful breaths through the nose and onto the stone to bring the stone to its highest vibration.

  • Visualisation: Take a few minutes to ground and centre your energy, then pick up your birthstone and visualise your hands filling with white, radiant light. See this light surrounding the stone and feel it growing brighter in your hands. Envision the impurities flushing out of the stone, allowing the stone to shine brighter with renewed purpose. Continue this visualisation until you feel a shift in the stone’s energy.

At Psychic Sofa, we recommend cleansing your birthstone after each use. 

cleansing birthstone

In the coming months, we'll be looking at other monthly birthstones, such as tanzanite, aquamarine, emerald and sapphires, among others.

From easing spiritual connectivity and opening up the third eye, through to boosting one’s wisdom, clarity and luck, February’s birthstones certainly have a lot to offer. We encourage you to take part in our competition for a chance to win a birthstone necklace or loose stone for yourself or loved one, and to use this blog as a guide to harness their true power. For any further insight, or for spiritual guidance, why not have a telephone psychic reading with one of our trusted psychics today? You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152, and they’re always available to help.


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