July Birthstones & Their Spiritual Meaning

We regularly get asked questions such as, ‘’What is the birthstone for July?’’ and, ‘’What colour is July’s birthstone?’’, we decided to create a birthstone blog that answers these questions, and more.

With ruby and sapphire being two of the most sought after gems in the whole world, it’s not surprising that people born in July love wearing them - not only because they look great, but because they offer that spiritual boost we all want when it comes to setting intentions. July’s birthstones are fantastic because they can assist with all matters of life - relationships, careers, success and goals, and they help to navigate this with clarity and precision. Because we regularly get asked questions such as, ‘’What is the birthstone for July?’’ and, ‘’What colour is July’s birthstone?’’, we decided to create a birthstone blog that answers these questions, and more. And should you be interested in further information, or psychic guidance, why not have a psychic telephone reading with one of our trusted psychic readers today. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

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What Is The Birthstone For July? Ruby Meaning, Colour, History & Spiritual Guidance

Ruby gets its name from the Latin word, ‘Ruber’, which means ‘red’. In Sanskrit, the birthstone has various names, including: ‘ratnaraj’ (king of precious gemstones), and ‘padmaraga’ (red as a lotus). These meanings are echoed throughout history- for example, in the French book, ‘Lapidaire en Vers’, it states: ‘’by Christ’s command the ruby was placed on Aaron’s neck, the ruby, called the lord of gems; the highly prized, the dearly loved ruby, so fair with its gay color.” Pliny - a Roman military chief and reputable philosopher, believed that ruby was created by fire or lightning strikes from heaven, and in Germany, it was called, ‘‘Donnerkeil’ meaning ‘thunderbolt’. Its spiritual power and beginnings cannot be understated, and has lived in glory for millenia.

These precious stones have much to offer, and have long been believed to mediate disagreements and arguments between separated friends, lovers or family members, and strengthen the bonds between them, by providing clarity and understanding for both points of view. By allowing both thoughts and feelings to reach consciousness, ruby can enlighten and find a suitable compromise that benefits all.

Ruby is also said to bring good health when worn regularly, and helps to boost mental health too. In fact, in ancient China, this July birthstone was utilised as a cure from grief, negative thoughts and conflict, helping to bring balance, calm and contentment. In ancient Egypt, ruby represented devotion, and was used in bishops’ rings. The devotion it promoted was one that made it possible to approach the gods with their heads up, rather than down, such as their slaves.


In more modern times, Ruby meanings include:

  • Assisting in the making of important life decisions, especially financial decisions, where the right choice could lead to great success.

  • In Hindu culture, the ruby birthstone is often associated with passion, protection and spiritual guidance, and has been believed to improve blood circulation. However, one must not wear the stone anywhere nearby to the solar plexus, as this can have negative effects on this area. Birthstone jewellery therefore must be chosen carefully.

  • In its deepest of red shades, the birthstone for July symbolises courage, confidence and strength. A great tool for leadership, it’s also said to bring luck into your love life - boosting passion and romance, and ensuring that love flows throughout. This passion also extends to life, reigniting lost loves when it comes to your career, hobbies or even outlooks on life that may have been more positive in the past. Reminding you of the beauty the world can offer, this birthstone for July reignites passion that may have been lost and encourages you to chase after them once again. 

  • Because of its red colour, ruby has also been tied to the life force and vitality of the blood. This birthstone can enhance your body’s energies, protect your aura, and ensure your mind, body and spirit are aligned for more informed decisions when it comes to both matters of the heart, and understanding when it comes to more logical decisions.

  • Rubies are also fantastic stones when you are feeling trapped, stuck or not able to make positive steps toward fulfilling your key life goals. With their light and refreshing energy, rubies can help you rise up and move forward, ensuring you reach your full potential, and no opportunities are wasted.

  • Reducing fatigue and depression, ruby can help during tough times in life, when you feel you’re burning the candle at both ends. Providing the courage required to speak to your manager, loved one or the person causing these issues, ruby can also remind you that this doesn’t have to be a continuous path, and that you change things for the better.

If you’re born under the ruby birthstone, you’re said to have the following traits:


The chemical composition of ruby is known as aluminum oxide. This is the well-known corundum family, which consists of two main birthstones: ruby and sapphire. Only red corundum specimens are rubies. All other colours, such as black, purple, yellow, brown, green, and blue are sapphires. These are also July birthstones, and will be detailed in the next section.

Sapphire - A July Birthstone That Offers Wisdom, Clarity & Focus

Most famous for being a blue birthstone, sapphires actually come in many varieties, including yellow, green, black and purple - each emitting their own vibrations and qualities that provide spiritual guidance to the user, and giving them the clarity they need. However, there are some fantastic traits they all share, and these include:

  • Calming the mind, and helping activities where focus is key. Removing unwanted and negative thoughts too, this sapphire birthstone is a great option for anyone dealing with overthinking or over-analysing, helping them to cut through the mind’s noise, and find the answers they seek.

  • Relieving mental tension, and bringing about peace and serenity, this gem provides aura harmony, and aligns the physical and spiritual planes for guidance from beyond this world, where intuition and insight are far greater than our own.

  • When you’re dealing with painful emotions, or memories that cause hurt, sapphire can soothe the mind. For example, it can reduce the pain of losing someone, or make desiring someone hurt less. It will also inspire you to know that any bad feelings you have will eventually disappear, should you give it time, and work hard to find the joy in life and focus that energy elsewhere. Wouldn’t you rather spend this time engaging in a fun hobby, or hanging out with friends that care about you, than feeling bad about a person who’s done you wrong? The powerful energies of sapphire will help you build self-confidence, and show you your true worth too.

  • Helping you to stay disciplined and true to yourself, your loved ones, and your life goals, the precious stone will remind you to always honour your word, keep commitments and promises, and do more than what is expected of you. Life is full of surprises, and your capabilities, and what you achieve, may even surprise yourself.


If you’re born under the sapphire birthstone, you’re said to have the following traits:

  • Loyalty to the ones you love and care about, and doing your utmost to ensure they feel they can trust you. You’re not one to let someone bad-mouth your best friend, or make your partner feel small. You love to build people up, boost their self-esteem and make them feel loved and appreciated.

  • Intelligence, and with a quest for knowledge, you seek the answers to life’s big questions, and love utilising this information for your own benefit, and that of others. You bring wisdom and insight into every big conversation, and you debate with such confidence that it’s hard for others to disagree. You’re therefore able to motivate others too, and take it upon yourself to help them enjoy life and feel good about themselves.

  • Strong belief in the spiritual world, and the guidance that can be gleaned from it. You trust in the angels who steer your path, and take comfort in the fact they care for you, and your loved ones too.


Other July Birthstones - Topaz & Agate

Along with ruby and sapphire, topaz and agate are two other July birthstones which can provide special healing powers and spiritual awakenings. 

Topaz - Known as the crystal of truth and forgiveness, topaz is a symbol of hope, happiness and emotional stability, helping to restore faith in the world around us, and the people that encompass it. 


Agate - Occurring in many varieties, they are powerful grounding stones that have a strong connection to Mother Earth. As the makeup of this rock is complex, this adds to its mystical quality, allowing you to charge it with your own energies and intentions to bring to life your wants, needs and desires.


Birthstone Jewellery, Grounding and Divination

To feel the true power from your July Birthstones, we recommend wearing birthstone jewellery, practicing grounding, and engaging in divination activities.

Wearing birthstone necklaces, rings, brooches or bracelets not only looks stylish, but also allows you to feel the spiritual power of the gems throughout the day. Here at Psychic Sofa, we recommend wearing traditional stones, as those created in laboratories, or that are artificially-created, will not hold the same gifts. You can find agate, topaz, ruby and sapphire jewellery in a variety of jewellery shops, and specialist dealers. A great thing to do is to mix and match, harnessing greater power, and boosting birthstone strength. One thing to note, however, is that you may feel overwhelmed if you wear this jewellery for extended periods of time, so please remove them if you ever do.

To ground your gem, simply place it in earth, compost or soil, and bury it. With your powerful mind, imagine the earth is surrounding the stones in love, light and great healing power, and removing any negativity. Here at Psychic Sofa, we recommend leaving them in the earth for up to 12 hours, for the best results.

Divination is a key part of healing and using crystals. Divination methods include charging, cleansing and grounding, as well as rituals that utilise nature to enhance spiritual power. Introducing special sounds, incense, and sage into your rituals can help you call on the Divine to hear your intentions, and with a clear mind and an open heart, you can welcome spiritual guidance from the powers above.


From boosting courage, confidence and conviction through to helping solve relationship drama and opening up the mind and heart to see both points of view, July birthstones are certainly useful. To see the benefits for yourself, why not enter our competition through our Facebook page? You could win a birthstone necklace or loose stone, and we think all of our lovely readers deserve a gift. For greater spiritual insight, or for some spiritual guidance, we recommend having a telephone psychic reading with one of our lovely psychic readers today. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. They’ll be only too happy to help you.


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