Power Animals Don't Always Communicate Verbally - Animal Guide

Power animals and totems and some guidance to help you connect with our spirit world.

Many people who have experienced spiritual experiences often speak about non verbal communication, as if there was no need to speak because the spirit guide already knew what they were thinking. People have also spoken about speaking through expression, very similar to the way animals do – speaking through senses.

Many of us feel drawn to animals but we are unsure why. You may have a connection with your dog or you cat, yet it’s beyond words. The truth is that you don’t need to explain it, because it just works. Animals come into our lives very often to teach us something, perhaps because we have a lesson to learn. Sometimes we allow ourselves to love unconditionally through animals, we open up our souls to them because we trust them and we know that we can tell them our deepest thoughts and secrets and they won’t tell a soul.

There may well be a reason why animals can not communicate verbally. The expression “Silence is golden” speaks for itself. And just because animals don’t interact the same way in which we do, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know what’s going on! In fact, they probably know even more than what we do.

For example, before giant waves hit the Tsunami Sri Lanka India coastlines it was witnessed that animals were able to detect the danger before it actually happened. Elephants screamed and ran for higher ground, dogs refused to go outdoors and Flamingos abandoned their low-lying breeding areas.

It is a well known fact that animals have senses that are beyond the basic human functioning such as Alsatians, used for crime investigations and many also have a phenomenal sense of direction. We often rely on our animals to keep us happy and they can indeed be a gift to our homes and families. But, it takes time and patience to build a special connection with an animal. Your animal can help to bring things back to basics again, as they remind us that we are all part of the earth and that our instincts are given to us by Mother Nature. Animals can also help us to develop spiritually and it is said that ancient people world wide believe that animal spirit guides us through their spiritual powers to help us with our daily lives by providing signs for us, along with protection, guidance and healing. Even seeing an animal can send out a personal message to you. For example you might have seen a fox cross the road twice in one day and wonder what it means. Foxes can sometimes represent changes, or sometimes people may interpret a Fox as being a bit crafty. Therefore it could be a clear, cut sign that change is on its way to you, or it could indicate that you need to be cautious when signing contracts, or perhaps there is someone you have been thinking about that you can’t trust. The Fox could imply someone that is cunning and untrustworthy. The interpretation is down to you.

Steven D. Farmer, PHD is a licensed psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner and is well known for working with Power Animals and spirit guides. He also believes animals guide us on a daily basis and uses Oracle tools to help people and to also predict the future. Light workers and healers also use animal oracle cards and are strong believers in animal totems.

Animal Totems

In the earlier days recognition was given to the power of the animal spirits by wearing skins, masks, mimicking, singing praise, and prayers to specific animals. Animals were painted on homes, caves, death chambers, where people asked Spirit to guide them and honour the spirit of their prey. The acts allowed them to be linked to the animal guides so that there would be acceptance in the power of life lessons and it was believed that this helped to remind us that we are all teachers, brothers, sisters and healers and that we are too animals with spirit.

Many people today use animal totems and Power Oracle cards to connect themselves to the earth and spirit and to also find meaning and purpose in their lives. We all have animal instincts within us, the instinct to survive. Allowing our selves to connect with animal totems gives us the opportunity to find meaning in hidden forces of nature and reconnect with Mother Earth and her purpose. Animals can send out important messages. You can connect with animals just by being in touch with nature and by being alert to your surroundings such as paying attention to the movement of your pets. Notice your pet’s movements; in particular, if you have a cat, watch their eyes, they can pick up emotion and are also sensitive to smell and bad energies. Lots of people also believe that cats see spirit.

It’s also a good idea to look outside and notice birds, squirrels, plants and trees, being in touch with the cycle of nature can help you to adapt to new rhythms and cycles in your own life. Remember, if you keep seeing an animal reappearing around you, then it could well mean that they have a message to pass on to you. Animals are psychological and spiritual messengers and symbols of our amazing creation. Sometimes they can mirror our thoughts and our personal qualities so that we can gain a better understanding of ourselves.

What animal have you seen today and why?

Here are a few of Steven D. Farmer’s interpretations:

Badger: Perseverance – Dig in and see it through until completion. You may well have to be a little more patient and more persistent than you have ever been but the result will be worth it!

Butterfly: Transformation – get ready for a big breakthrough! You may well go through some exciting changes, calmly and willingly

Deer: Pathfinder: Trust your instincts to guide you through this situation. You may feel a little lost, but the Deer is there to remind you that the path is clearly marked – even if you can’t see it!

Eagle: Spirit: Trust in your higher self! Your light will shine if you let it and all that you want will come to you, without you needing to know how.

Fox: Adaptability – adapt to the changes that are happening. Don’t get stuck in rigid patterns of thinking or familiar emotional traps. Step outside and get some fresh air!

Rabbit: Fertility – your creativity is at peak! Now is the right time for you to get those projects started that you have perhaps been putting on hold – It could be painting, writing or just creating something new.

Hope you manage to find your Power Animal - for more information see Steven. D Farmer's Oracle selection.

With love & light






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