Spirit Guides and Chakras

Some refer to their guides as angels or “Guardian Angels” whereas others just believe that their guide is a part of themselves.

Many of us wonder if we have spirit guides but often we don’t think to delve a little deeper or take note of the signs..

We may feel a swift of air, a twitch or a sudden moment of unexpected inner peace but all too often we let the moment pass us by.

Every one has a spirit guide. Some refer to their guides as angels or “Guardian Angels” whereas others just believe that their guide is a part of themselves, almost like an inner twin – another voice within you that warns you and tells you when harm is coming. The word angel means “Messenger” and angels are beings of light and messengers of God- angels connect better with you when you take yourself lightly as they are sources of inspiration, they are healers and protectors. Sometimes it can be hard for angels to work with you if you are feeling negative, hence the reason angels are often connected with the word “peace” as they can only work in peaceful conditions. Have you ever noticed how much more observant you are when you are in a peaceful frame of mind? Sometimes, the world even begins to make a little sense when you are feeling tranquil, which is why it is so important that you find a quiet space within you if you wish to connect with your guide.

There are many ways in which you can connect with your guide. You can start by focussing on your crown chakra which is Violet in colour.
If you are unfamiliar with chakras then here is a little breakdown:

There are seven colour chakras within our souls. These are known to collect energy from several different levels of vibrations and they are utilized in certain parts of the body. You can open and close each chakra to work the different types of energies.
However, it is important to be careful when opening and closing chakras
as each of these energy centres basically works like a spinning wheel that tends to whirl in a circular motion. So allowing too much energy in could make you feel dazed and confused!

Examples of how to work with chakras:

For example, if you felt you were having difficulties in communication then it could well be because your throat chakra is blocked. The throat chakra is the chakra which helps us to communicate. It is where we speak our truth and this chakra is blue in colour. So you would start by sitting in quiet meditative surroundings, cleansing your throat chakra by focussing on your throat centre and seeing a bright blue ball of light –cleanse it in your mind and then open it up, imagining that you are filling the room with this beautiful blue light. You are now ready to communicate clearly and constructively.

Once you have opened your throat chakra you can now focus on your crown chakra as you are already open to communication. So perhaps wanted to speak to your guide? Therefore you can now focus on your crown chakra, imagining a beautiful Violet light opening the room up. The crown chakra is where we receive information. Therefore you would ask your guide to make himself/herself known. You may feel a sudden rush of energy or you may see a flash of light, or you could just feel an overpowering presence. Trust it and let yourself go. Notice signs and listen out for names, as quite often your guide will speak their name, or they may even send you an image of what they look like. You may even see the letters in your minds eye of their name or you may just simply hear it being spoken.

Here is a list of the 7 chakras for you:
Chakras are there to create Harmony and Balance

Root Chakra – Red in colour – Gland – Adrenal. Use this to ground yourself.

Spleen Chakra – Orange in colour – Gland-Gonad. Use this for mentality and self reliance.

Solar Plexus Chakra –Yellow in colour-Gland-Pancreas. Use this to balance yourself when feeling nervous

Heart Chakra – Green in colour – Thymus gland. Use this when you wish to be open to love.

Throat Chakra – Blue in colour – Thyroid gland. Use this when you want to speak your truth.

Brow Chakra-Indigo in colour- Pituitary gland. Use this when you feel blocked, use it so you can see clearly.

Crown Chakra –Violet in colour- Pineal gland . Use this to receive information.

Remember that once you have achieved what is needed you should always close your chakras down. You can do this by imagining that your chakras are petals closing inwards.

Signs your guides are with you:

• White feathers
• Coins on the floor
• A clear message spoken through someone else that could only be significant to you
• Personal songs that are meaningful to you played on the radio
• Feeling as if a cloak has been wrapped around your shoulders
• Bright lights in the corner of the room
• Objects moving

If you wish to receive personal messages from your guides, why not try some angel cards?


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