Spiritual Lessons We’ve Learned In Lockdown

When we look back on 2020 in 5 years’ time, it’ll be easy to focus on the negative, the pandemic and the hardship we all faced. But what spiritual lessons have we all learnt, and how can we utilise them in our daily lives?

When we look back on 2020 in 5 years’ time, it’ll be easy to focus on the negative, the pandemic and the hardship we all faced. From the lockdown limiting our freedoms and the time spent with loved ones, through to cancelled holidays and travel plans, even we have to admit it wasn’t the best year. At the same time, there are positives that can be taken from it, and lessons that we can all learn from. It’s not just that we are stronger as a human race, but we’ve learned how to band together to protect each other, and save lives. We’ve taken steps to better ourselves and find the good in the world, and not let setbacks hold us back. We’ve learnt to be appreciative of all those we hold dear, and realised that nothing in this world is permanent, and that we have to take each opportunity that comes our way. And this is all wonderful. But what spiritual lessons have we all learnt, and how can we utilise them in our daily lives? In this blog, we seek to find out…

lesson 1

Spiritual Lesson 1: Material Possessions Do Not Matter

Before lockdown, it may have been inconceivable to go without modern conveniences, and days out shopping for the latest gadgets, perfumes and clothing that make us feel good. And though retail therapy is fine every now and then, it’s clear that we don’t need as much stuff as we may have thought we did. The basic essentials - such as food, water and good health - are far more important than buying a new computer or having a haircut, and nothing compares to being in the presence of our loved ones, friends and those we hold dear. What’s more, considering how many consumer items have a negative impact on our health, well-being, and even the planet, we’ve learnt that we may need to rethink our priorities, and ensure that we make time for the people that matter the most. With many studies finding that kindness and generosity make us far happier than buying products, it suggests that to create a happier society, we should be spending less money, and more time with others.

Lesson 2

Spiritual Lesson 2: Time Is Of The Essence

Nothing in life is certain, and not one of us could have seen the pandemic coming, or the full extent of its impact. And while many of us are lucky enough to have phones and computers with which to maintain some semblance of contact with our friends, family and colleagues, the value of human interaction, and how important it is, should not be underestimated. How we spend our time on this world, and who we spend it with, is what enriches our lives, and makes us happy. Now that we are slowly but surely entering a new world of possibilities, there really isn’t any time to waste. Now is the time to make plans, take trips when travel restrictions are eased, and meet up with the people who make your life whole.

The emotional support and sense of connection we get from just being in the physical presence of others, and sharing experiences that we’ll always remember cannot be beaten by social media, video calls or conferencing. We don’t know if another variant or wave will ensue, so ensure you find the time for your loved ones, and make life one worth living.

Lesson 3

Spiritual Lesson 3: Life’s Too Short To Stress

At Psychic Sofa, we know that there have been plenty of things to get stressed about during lockdown, and that these things are completely reasonable. From losing jobs and becoming ill, through to accidentally infecting those we love can be terrifying thoughts that overwhelm and scare. Having to stay home too has kept us from enacting our usual coping mechanisms - for example, hanging out with friends or exercising at the local gym. And being in this state has heightened any anxiety and feelings of hopelessness, impacting happiness levels too. This has not been good for our minds or bodies, and unfortunately, it can impact others around us too. 

However, one good thing about being at home is that it has made us slow down and find new ways to manage stress and anxiety. Think about how busy life usually is, and all the responsibilities that leave us little time for ourselves. During lockdown, many have begun to regularly meditate to find a state of calm, while others have been writing down their thoughts and feelings, and planning out ways to deal with them. Some people have gotten back into a long, lost and loved hobby, which has led them to a spiritual awakening, or a true calling. And there’s the one stress-reliever that benefits everyone: Being kind, and helping others. The pandemic has put things into perspective, with some choosing to spend their freed up time volunteering. Picking up food for those who can’t leave the house, reaching out to those who may be lonely and spending time with them, and organising neighbourhood online events are just some of the activities that people across the world have been participating in. The positive impact this would have had, and the support it would have provided, will always be appreciated. We’ve all experienced spiritual growth this past year, and that’s something to nurture and continue.

Lesson 4

Spiritual Lesson 4: Love & Gratitude Are Everything

It’s very important that we show gratitude to the ones who have supported us, and been working tirelessly to better our health and well-being. The essential workers, the NHS staff and all the volunteers should be (and have quite rightly so) been applauded, appreciated and thanked. Before the pandemic, we may not have given much thought to all these fantastic people, but it’s been genuinely heartwarming to see people making signs, clapping in the streets, dropping off meals to the overworked and even tipping service workers by way of thanking them. And we can take this lesson in gratitude into all areas of our lives. Thank your friends every time they do something that shows they care. Show gratitude to those who support you at work. Appreciate the people who smile at you in the street, or let you go past first when you accidentally walk in each other’s way. Take every opportunity possible to make the best of things, and by realising how lucky you are, show appreciation to your spirit guides too. 

Lockdown has taught us all many lessons, but how we utilise them going forward will be the making of us. Being supportive, understanding of each other and being grateful can only enhance our lives, and the lives of those around us, so that we live much better ones. For more spiritual lessons, and spiritual guidance, why not have a telephone psychic reader with one of our trusted psychic readers today? They can also help with love advice, career advice and any general life questions. For your psychic reading, please call today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.


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