The Power of Autumn Colours

A look at the power of Autumn colours on the world and our lives.

Autumn Colours

As winter draws near, the warm colours of autumn are dotted through every field and forest. Bright yellow leaves scattered across your lawn or in your local park; rich red tones on trees and deep green hues of evergreen bushes. These autumnal colours possess a spiritual energy of their own. Here we learn how to work with the energy of this season to tap into the power of autumn to enhance your life.

Autumn Energy

The harvest is over and the earth falls quieter but the landscape is alive with colour. The energy of autumn is calming and balancing. Its hues gently invigorate and stimulate the mind, while soothing the soul. Autumn is the time to think about whether each part of your life is in balance: are you devoting too much time to work and forgetting the importance of home life? Or perhaps you are so busy looking after other people that you neglect to look after your own needs?

Autumn is the time to count your blessings: think about all the good things you have in your life and give thanks for them. Let your loved ones know that you appreciate them.

Autumn colours can offer you:
*A balancing of emotions
*A sense of calmness
*Gentle invigoration of the senses
*Stimulation of your mind

Colour Theory

The idea behind using colours to positively influence your life is that each colour vibrates at a different level. This means different shades emit their own energy. This colour energy can influence your mood and feelings.

Try it...
*Find a bright yellow leaf or fabric or other material.
*Find a dark green leaf or other material.
*Hold the yellow leaf in the palms of your hand and focus on the colour.
*As in meditation, let you mind fully focus on the yellow shade, dropping all other thoughts from your mind.
*How does this colour make you feel? Write down the first three words that pop into your head.
*Repeat the colour meditation with the dark green leaf.
*Look at the differences between how you felt while meditating on the yellow leaf as oppose to the feelings you had while meditating on the green leaf.
*This (hopefully) demonstrates the differences in feelings or mood that colours can cause you to experience.

How to use autumn colour
The rich, earthy tones of autumn can be incorporated into your everyday life. Add a splash of autumn colour to your outfit. By incorporating something as simple as a deep red scarf or gloves to your outfit you can begin to feel the benefits of autumn colour.
Or, pick your autumn hue, then introduce it to your home by choosing some cushion covers or a throw for the sofa in your selected shade. Bed linen, a table cloth or a fresh coat of paint on one wall in your home can introduce autumn colour energy into your life.

The Power of Autumn Colours

Shades: Cranberry, crimson, scarlet, ruby, cherry, wine, russet, port
Red Energy: This energising autumn shade will bring you creativity, courage and strength. Red eliminates toxins and fear from your body and your mind, allowing you to rejuvenate and find new passions. Red will focus your thoughts on new paths or ideas, so you ca discard old habits and start afresh.

Shades: Amber, rust, tangerine, saffron, peach, carrot, coral
Orange Energy: Decisions will be made and deadlines met with the autumn hue of orange in your life. Orange smoothes paths of communication and helps you relate to other people more effectively. Said to increase physical immunity to infections, orange could also help increase your libido.

Shades: Lemon, sunflower, mustard, blonde, citrine, champagne
Yellow Energy: If the colder months leave you feeling down, yellow is a great colour to use to lift your spirits and make you feel more optimistic. Yellow connects to goodness and enlightenment, putting you in touch with your higher self. This dazzling shade will shine a light through jumbled thoughts and bleak moods, transforming confusion into clear thinking.

Shades: Lime, mint, grass, olive, emerald, jade, turquoise
Green Energy: affirms your connection to nature. This shade soothes and nurtures restless spirits. Use it to balance your emotions and to make you and those around you feel calm and peaceful. Green is connected to fertility and to healthy vitality. Green is the colour of the healer.

Shades: Chocolate, coffee, sand, caramel, oak, chestnut, fudge
Brown Energy: The ultimate earthy autumn shade, brown represents comfort, protection, nurturing and nesting at home. Use touches of brown to spur on success, concentration and to promote common sense in words and actions.


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