What are Orbs?

Some interesting information about Spirit Orbs

Many of us have come across the word “Orb” but not actually understood in full what it means. You might have heard people speak about “Orbs of light” or claim that they have even seen an Orb but what exactly is it? It’s such a strange word!

Basically, Orbs can appear to us in many different forms and are also known as “balls of light” “globules” and “hovering round balls”. Sometimes when you stare into space for a long time you may see little flickers of light or round objects that filter through the air and look as if they are a part of the light in some way, when in actual fact they are more likely to be balls of energy!
There are many different types of Orbs and mostly they are positive, sometimes you see them in photographs and sometimes you see them around people signifying a higher energy that may surround them.

Spiritual Orbs present themselves to us in a form of light because it is the easiest form of energy and even though it may mean nothing to us at the time it is more than likely to be a sign that something is trying to communicate with us. Scientifically Orbs show up depending on how much static electricity there is in the air and in particular the Winter months make this easier.

Orbs can also be known as spirit guides and many people that see orbs frequently believe they are being guided or have been assigned a spirit guide in the sense that the orb is proof of their existence. However, Spiritual Orbs only contact you if they are permitted to do so and many people that believe in orbs believe that everyone has a spirit that is assigned to guide you in some way or another but the person must allow themselves to be receptive to all forms of light. Therefore if you are highly stressed or frustrated then it is unlikely that you will see the Orbs that surround you. Children are very inclined to follow Orbs of light but often it comes so naturally to them that they do not think to question what they are seeing.

Orbs are very easy to see in fact and appear in front of us when we are at our most relaxed state. Quite often when you see Mediums working live they will visit the Orbs around them and talk to them in order to attain and express information. Spirit Orbs are signs that life does in fact continue and it is the energy and the light that allows the visionary evidence. Of course, not every one has access to seeing these balls of light or energy but they are around us because so many people have claimed to have seen them – mediums from all over the world, psychics and light workers. Quite often Spirit Orbs are particularly strong when someone has just passed over. You might see something floating but assume there is perhaps something caught in your eye or that you have been gazing into space for too long, when it actual fact it may be an energy that is trying to communicate with you, making you aware of its presence.

What is also interesting is that Spirit Orbs often show up in groups and the many people on earth that walk among these “particles of light” get to experience this. These groups are said to be the souls of what was once human or another life form, it could even be a plant for example or an animal. Sometimes they are just simply spirits from different realms and it is easy to spot these energies even if you can not physically see them because the atmosphere will suddenly change when they are present. For example you may notice a presence when you are on your own or you may even notice a “happy” vibe in the air for no apparent reason. This again is often the work of Spirit Orbs. Animals are very open to Spirit Orbs, cats in particular , many cats see things before we do and this is why they are supersensitive to all forms of light and flickers, you may see them following light intensely with their eyes as cats are known to be linked into a higher frequency than what we are on earth leaving them more receptive to such energies.

Most of the time Spirit Orbs are there to pass on news or just to simply let you know that they are ok. In other circumstances however they can appear because they are trapped in some way and are perhaps having a hard time entering the spirit world due to some form of unfinished business on earth and it can take some time for the Spirit Orb to realise that they are no longer needed on the earth plane but most spirits do realise after a certain period of grieving has taken place on earth, and it is only then that they decide to detach their energy in full. Orbs can of course come back and revisit and quite often when they feel the need they can then communicate through mediators.

So why not leave your eyes wide open to these magical orbs of light that want to make their presence known?

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