Full Moon in Aquarius

Time to think about friendships and new projects

A full Moon in Aquarius is due on Wednesday 1st August. This Full Moon will give you the chance to renew old friendships and reconsider who your real friends are perhaps. Many of us may have been suffering with petty arguments recently or drama in communication with the Mercury Retrograde period, but this Full Moon should bring us some light relief as we begin to feel calmer and more settled about our friendships and relationships.
This Full Moon may bring you an opportunity to accept the real you and to detach yourself from those that you feel you have lost your spark with. Interestingly, this Full Moon that is about to occur is the four “Power Moons” of the year so this should have a very interesting impact on our friendships, particularly as the Sun is in Leo which is about self expression. [1] Pam Ciampi, astrologer from The Llewellyn’s has suggested that the Leo Sun is the candle and the airy Aquarius Moon is the rocket. The planet Jupiter is making a connection to this Full Moon which should ensure good luck and success on any mission. Therefore if you are thinking about making some changes in both friendships and relationships then now would be a good time!
In astrology the planet Uranus rules Aquarius in the eleventh house. It is quirky, original and inventive.  The eleventh house is known as the house of friendships and includes spiritual gains. The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer, signifying that they “bear others problems” and the sign is incredibly strong in this sense. Others see the water bearer as a symbolic image that the water pouring from the pot is the cosmic life force energy that can help others to achieve. This is hugely spiritual and creational and what is even more interesting is that [2]Aquarius is said to be a lucky house as it is often where our hopes, wishes and friendship groups lie.

When we look into our eleventh house of astrology we can begin to see what sorts of people we attract into our lives and what sorts of people we class as our friends. Aquarius is often associated with society and it often likes to do much for society as a whole. It can be extremely humanitarian not to mention political. Because they like to take an interest in those around them they can make great journalists, writers or teachers. Those for example with the Sun in the eleventh house would more often than not be a natural leader and could even be considered a hero for helping those around them. They may run a charity or a host an important group, the attraction point for them could also be that they make great friends and are never lonely and this would often be someone that is very approachable in life, seeing as Aquarius is one of the most friendliest signs of the zodiac.
Another important aspect to note when looking into our eleventh house of friendships is “Who do we trust?” “Who do we share are secrets with?” and “how well do we relate to others?” . Quite often when you take a look at the planets in your eleventh house you will begin to notice the types of people you attract and why and also who it is you share your ideals with.  This is very important for Aquarius.
Another fantastic trait that belongs to Aquarius is their ability to think up new ideas and invent. They like to gather knowledge and can sometimes have an interest in Science. So this Full Moon could also be a great time to start planning ahead for new projects. Overall this is a fantastic time to take up leadership skills, invent new things, join a new group or rekindle old friendships.  With this visionary and inventive sign in the Full Moon here are some meditations to ponder over:
 How do I feel about my friendships? Can I reignite or do I need to let go? If so,
“I cast upon this Full Moon the opportunity to restart old flames” OR “I give myself permission to let go and wish my past the best of luck and light”.
Is this a time where I need to be thinking ahead and starting new projects? If so,
“I give myself permission to experiment and pray for guidance and enlightenment”.
Do I need to socialise more? Perhaps I need to join a new group? If so,
“I cast my wishes to the Full Moon to let go of old patterns and start new tasks, I pray that I bring forwards the right people to help me on my new journey.”
With love and light x x x



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