Star Signs & Their Spirit Animals

Ever wondered what your spirit animal is in relation to your star sign? Then you’ve come to the right place, and we reveal all.

Ever wondered what your spirit animal is in relation to your star sign? Then you’ve come to the right place, and we reveal all. From the hawk and the wolf through to the deer and the bear, each Zodiac sign can learn a little more about themselves, and help to make more sense of who they are. And if you’d like any further spiritual guidance, then our telephone psychic readers are always here to help, 24/7, 365 days of the year. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 01618640152 today.

Your Star Sign Spirit Animal - Power Animals & Spiritual Traditions


Aries Spirit Animal - Hawk/Falcon

In astrology, Aries may be represented by the ram, but it’s Aries’s passion, independence and loyalty that makes their spirit animal the hawk or falcon. Hawk’s are strong leaders who know how to get things done, travelling thousands of miles to ensure their messages are delivered properly. Sometimes they’ll appear out of the blue, but you can feel their importance from miles away. And though at times the hawk may seem arrogant, they only want what’s best for the group and strongly believe in their ways of doing things. They’re never afraid to take initiative and stand up for what they believe in, but they are compassionate too, and will listen to others’ points of view. They truly value their relationships above all else, and just want everyone to be happy.

aries hawk

Taurus Spirit Animal - Beaver

Though Taurus is represented by the hard-headed bull, their power animal is actually the adaptable and hard-working beaver. They may be small, but they are mighty, overcoming any challenge that comes their way, and taking the time they need to achieve great success. The beaver personality is resourceful, strategic and knows how to get things done. Their intelligence helps them no end, and they don’t give a damn (pun intended) if others try to keep them down. They carry on, do what they think is best, and ensure they work well with others for everyone’s benefit.

taurus beaver

Gemini Spirit Animal - Deer

Being the twins in the horoscope. Gemini have a variety of personalities that can make them intriguing, unexpected and adventurous. Their animal spirit guide is therefore the deer - whose energy, wit and brainpower ensure they always land on their feet, and know how to pick themselves up again should they ever fall. The deer make for great companions, and are incredibly nurturing - knowing intuitively what their loved ones need before even they do sometimes. Living for the unknown and never afraid to change direction when required, the deer know better than any spirit animal how to find their way in the world.

gemini deer

Cancer Spirit Animal - Woodpecker

Both Cancer and the woodpecker are caring creatures that nurtures and protects. Their homing instincts provide them with family values that stay with them always. Supportive, empathetic and great listeners, woodpeckers will do right by their loved ones, and will take the time to find solutions to make any issues or concerns right. They can appear frugal at times with their resources and money, but that’s only because they’re fantastic at turning something small into something great with the talents they have. They are by no means cheap, but only spend when they have too. Still, they’re more than happy to treat their family, because those memories will last a lifetime. 

cancer woodpecker

Leo Spirit Animal - Salmon

Both lions and salmon march to the beat of their own drum, and never let their surroundings stop them from achieving their goals. Using their determination, talent and willpower, they draw in people and spark inspiration in all who meet them. Loyal to loved ones and always acting on behalf of the group, they can get a bit egotistical if someone doesn’t abide by their rules, or hurts their feelings by not reciprocating their care. But this is just a matter of pride, and required understanding on their part. They will always come around eventually, and be the fierce leaders they’re known for being.

leo salmon

Virgo Spirit Animal - Bear

Virgo is the perfectionist star sign, and just like the bear, they are observant, independent and only make their move once they have carefully planned it. The bear is methodical, hard-working and uses their talent for their benefit. They may not be the most cuddly of creatures, but they will be there for those they love, and protect them at all costs. If they ever seem out of sorts, it’s largely because they are shy and reclusive, especially when things don’t go to plan. But this gets their minds working - conjuring up new plans that will be far more successful than anything prior and restoring any lost confidence in the process too.

virgo bear

Libra Spirit Animal - Raven

The star sign of balance, harmony and equality, the raven is no different in their thoughts and actions, and always want a solution that benefits all. The raven is intelligent and charismatic, and will play mediator when they have to - both in terms of love lives, career disputes and their friendships. Though they can at times be demanding and brash, they do care about those around them, and dedicate themselves to all. They are the spirit animal of balance after all - they have both positive qualities, and those that could do with some work.

libra raven

Scorpio Spirit Animal - Snake

Just like the scorpion, the snake is secretive and mysterious, and takes great pride in their cunning and brilliance. This power animal is highly spiritual, and drawn into the unknown and beyond. It’s not surprising that many scorpios and snakes become psychic readers, clairvoyants and mediums - honing their psychic intuition to assist others in their lives. They are passionate about spirituality and spiritual guidance, and loyal to the truth. At the worst of times, they can be moody and disobedient - but at their core, they do love those they hold dear.

scorpio snake

Sagittarius Spirit Animal - Owl

This star sign, much like the owl, moves with the wind, and changes and adapts where necessary. The owl knows how best to meet its needs, and what steps must be taken to achieve great success. But they also crave love and affection, and this can at times be hard to balance with work and other daily activities. But what keeps them going is the promise of a good meal at the end of the day, family and friends to come home to, and the knowledge that everything they do is for the greater good of those around them, and those they hold dear.

Sagittarius owl

Capricorn Spirit Animal - Goose

The goose navigates life with flair and style, catching the attention of passers-by who relish in their beauty. But geese are more than just their looks. They are incredibly ambitious, driven and determined to meet their goals, and will usually work hard to exceed them. They can however be their own worst enemy - pushing themselves to the limit and running themselves ragged. The goose must learn to take a break every now and then, because at their most rested and happy, they are funny, passionate and charming - all qualities that attract others, make them extremely popular and that encompass the Capricorn personality too.

capricorn goose

Aquarius Spirit Animal - Otter

Otters are very playful, mischievous and know how to use their wits to get ahead. They’re quirky and weird, and don’t care if others don’t get them - because those that do mean far more to them. This doesn’t make otters unpopular either, as many are drawn to their creativity and carefree ways. They have lots of friends who love spending time with them, because they know that it’ll be time well spent. Sometimes the otter may find this overwhelming, and prefer their own company and a bit of respite, but once they're well-rested, they’re back to their playful selves again, and can’t wait to see all of their friends. This may sound very familiar to our lovely Aquarius readers.

aquarius otter

Pisces Spirit Animal - Wolf

They say Pisces are what dreamers are made of, and the wolf finds dreams a heavenly experience too. Guided by the spirits above, they know the path to happiness is never out of reach. Their passion and determination never ceases, and though at times they seek spiritual guidance for greater clarity, they also prefer their own intuition and following their own instincts. The wolf’s one true goal is to experience adventure with their true love, and they will travel to find it. And when they do, their partner will feel loved and appreciated for all time, because the wolf will always make their feelings known.

pisces wolf

Your spirit animal is a guiding force that helps to bring your personality to life, while also providing great wisdom that should be cherished and adored. Each spirit guide wants only what’s best for you, and using their animal instincts, can provide guide and protect you. When taken together with a telephone psychic reading, you can’t go wrong, and can incorporate spiritual guidance from above. If you’d like to speak to one of our psychic readers about love, life or anything that’s on your mind, then we here at Psychic Sofa would love to help. Simply call 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 01618640152 today.


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