Things to look forward to this Summer

The Summer Solstice!

Now that we are approaching Midsummer we can look forwards to lots of activity. Many people tend to hit low points in their lives when they feel that they have nothing to look forwards to. But now June is at our doorsteps and the Solstice is arriving on 20th June we can look forwards to Midsummer bliss and even if the sun isn’t shining everyday you can be sure that activities will be flooding throughout giving us the opportunity to meet new people and learn about new interests.

Summer is the time when everything starts to happen. People explore their career paths, travel takes place, friends join together and music rings in our hearts. We can let go a little and have fun. The core of Summer starts as the Sun starts to move into the star sign Cancer 21st June- 22nd July. Cancer is a nurturing , protective sign that enjoys being in the home with good food and joyful people. Cancer is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs like to get things started! So Cancer is the perfect energy to get the party flowing. Following Cancer, Leo arrives all bright and shiny with a “Me first” attitude from 22nd July – 21st August. Leo is fiery and full of excitement, confidence and show. Leo is the life and soul and wants everyone to notice and admire them. Leo will motivate you, inspire you and ask you to let of your barriers and enjoy the spotlight for a little while.. And why not?

Now that we are coming into happier times we may as well let ourselves go with these magnificent energies. Don’t be surprised if you bump into more Cancer’s or Leo’s. The Solstice brings the reaping tides when our abilities take a new direction. The seeds we have scattered throughout the Winter and Spring are now turning into beautiful plants and flowers. We can stand back and admire our hard work and well planned thought out dreams. We may start to see our dreams coming to life and gain a new sense of confidence , balance and self worth.

Summer fates will take place and new psychics will emerge. Relationships will begin and power and wisdom will also start to sink in. We may also spend more time in our gardens admiring the beauty of nature, birds sing and feed our thoughts and berries are as ripe as our skin. Embrace the feeling of the Sun upon your face, but just a touch, a golden glow , a soothing dose of Vitamin D.

Now that you can come home in the evenings and enjoy them a little longer allow yourself to discover how cyclic the nature of life really is and perhaps compare this to the cycle of your relationships. What have you noticed with work colleagues? Siblings? Parents or lovers? Have your relationships changed and blossomed with the seasons? Are they more fruitful than ever? Or are they sizzling with passion like the Sun?

Be prepared for gentle rain when things get to heated but allow yourself the space to think in the silent, cool whispering breeze. Allow nature to speak to you by listening to the voices that surround you. The children in the garden next door, the old couple that light their barbecue, cousins, friends and acquaintances that join the Summer gatherings amongst many others that sit behind closed doors and listen in. Summer is a time where everything comes to the surface even if you are not completely alert or aware.

You can finish your evenings by staring at the bright Full Moon in the night sky
along with the evening stars that echo your wishes and your dreams. You may then find peace and understand that life is mostly concerned with change reminding yourself that we can not leap forwards without withdrawing, resting and casting away thoughts that no longer serve us any purpose. Each day speaks about your own beauty and your own perception of the universe.

Things to look forwards to:

Saturday 23rd June– A lovely energy will break out which should be particularly beneficial for water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The Cancer Sun will Trine with Neptune (the planet of sensitivity, psychic matters, dreams and creativity). This energy will hugely compliment water signs and increase psychic and healing ability – so great time for a psychic fair or healing ritual. This energy should guarantee the sweetest dreams so start your wish list then!

Monday 25th June – Mercury (Planet of communication) will move into Leo. This is where we can speak our minds and say what we want and also demand what we want! Leo is childlike and innocent and knows how to get attention! This will all be about self expression which will come straight from the heart.

Tuesday 3rd July Capricorn Full Moon – this will be a perfect time to finish off business projects and will act like a big energy shift. What is special about this Full Moon is that it occurs the night before 4th July so it also emphasizes the Cancer Sun’s love of women, family, home and country.

References – Llewellyn’s Guide 2012-06-01


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