Which Zodiacs Are Most Likely To Have A Holiday Romance?

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Who doesn’t love a holiday romance?

Sun, sea… all good things begin with s!

However, here at Psychic Sofa our experts know that certain zodiacs are more inclined than others to seek out a lover for the summer months. 

Will your star sign be on our list?

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Summer 2024: Zodiacs with a Holiday Romance on the Cards


September 23 - October 22

It won’t come as a shock to see Libra on this list - Venus, the goddess of love, rules it, after all!

As one of the few zodiac star signs that actually enjoys a first date, a summer romance is right up their street. 

You can just imagine it - hair perfectly tousled thanks to the sea salt, golden skin from the sun, and wine flowing whilst the sun is setting. 

The perfect date!

However, Libras can also be hesitant to fall in love, often weighing up the pros and cons to ensure their heart is protected. 

Sometimes, Libra, you just have to trust in the stars and do, rather than wasting time overthinking. 

Go and find those rose-coloured glasses, it sure looks better that way. 


22 November - 21 December

When it comes to love, Sagittarius don’t have a type. 

They fall in love with the individual and whatever unique qualities that person can bring to the table. 

With a love of all things dating - from the getting ready process to flanterous conversation - why wouldn’t you want to add a bit of sun into the mix?

Their curiosity in all things exploring - whether it be a place, a person, or both - makes a holiday romance a Sagittarius’s dream!

Plus, the clue’s in the name with a summer fling. With no commitment expected, it prevents a Sagittarius from panicking about them being ‘the one’. 

Although, according to our experts, Leos are the perfect pick for any Sagittariuses out there. 


23 October - 21 November

With Scorpio’s, there’s only one mindset when it comes to love: all or nothing. 

Let’s be real, they’re actually like that with everything…

Passion is the aim of the game and they don’t care who it’s with. Even those already coupled up!

We all know what it’s like to want someone who’s already taken.

Stolen glances from across the room, touches only you know what they really mean, and whispered words that you know won’t lead to anything… or will they?

With this in mind, Scorpio’s are most likely to fall head over heels for those where it can’t lead anywhere.

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet!


21 May - 20 June

As one of the most social star signs, it’s hardly a shock to see Gemini on this list. 

Anywhere they go, they find a new friend… or should we say ‘friend’. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a city break, cruise holiday, or a beach getaway, Gemini’s are up for trying anything once. 

Not ones for concrete plans, they’ll go with the flow and the same can be said for their love life.

Going off their impulses, they may find themselves skinny dipping off a boat one morning, eating ice cream on a beach in the afternoon before being whisked away by a handsome stranger in the evening. 

One thing to say about Geminis though, they may cancel on you last minute to go and have a love-filled adventure. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


21 March - 19 April

Aries are fiery and passionate thanks to their ruling planet, Mars. 

There’s no denying that loving this star sign comes with excitement. Their fire-sign nature means they aren’t afraid to take the lead in romantic relationships - more often than not, they’re the ones with the first spark!

In order to keep up with an Aries, they need someone who is equally as exciting and confident as they are. 

With a fast-moving nature, their love interest needs to be able to keep up the pace… in more ways than one. 

Whirlwind holiday romances are typical for this star sign, but once they're in love, they’re more often than not settled for life. 


20 April - 20 May

Yet another star sign ruled by Venus, of course Taurus is on this list. 

With physical touch a big love language of theirs, you may be fooled into thinking that they only want the touchy-feely stuff. 

But that is far from the truth. 

They may put up a lot of barriers and act like they’re not that interested, but really they want someone to take care of them. 

Just don’t push the bull too quickly!

It may take a little while, but once a Taurus is in love, you’ll know about it. 

Another thing to note about this star sign is that they would rather have a true conversation where they get to know you, rather than flirting the night away. 

Genuity is key when it comes to this star sign. 

Want to Know More about Your Zodiac Holiday Romance? Our Experts Can Help!

We understand that a holiday romance is supposed to be fun and free-feeling, but finding love is never an easy task. 

Some star signs find love easily and, although it may be harder for some, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the battle. 

If you need some guidance on your journey to true love, why not get in touch with one of our Psychic Sofa readers?

They can advise you on the best path to find your next summer love interest. 

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Love and light.


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