Cleansing Your Tarot Cards & Angel Cards

All of our psychic readers here at Psychic Sofa believe strongly in the power of deck cleansing and, therefore, want to offer spiritual guidance on the best methods of cleansing and why it is important to do so.

Whereas Angel Cards allow you to connect with your spirit guides, angels and archangels, Tarot Cards convey life experiences and help to teach you the lessons you need to learn at that moment in time. Because they can impact your life greatly, taking you down paths you never dreamed of, it’s imperative that your deck is attuned to you, and is cleansed for the best in psychic reading credibility. All of our psychic readers here at Psychic Sofa believe strongly in the power of deck cleansing and, therefore, want to offer spiritual guidance on the best methods of cleansing and why it is important to do so. We have therefore collected their advice and recommendations, which we will provide to you in this handy blog. And should you want to learn more about psychic readings, Tarot Cards or Angel Card readings, then our psychic readers can help. We encourage you to have a telephone psychic reading today by calling 0905 789 7752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or 0161 864 0152. Love and light everyone.

cleansing your cards

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards & Angel Cards

From smudging and moon baths through to crystal healing and Reiki, there are various methods for cleansing your Tarot deck and Angel cards, and these involve:

The Smudging Method

Cleansing your deck with herbs such as dried sage or Palo Santo involves burning the herb and passing your deck through the smoke to clear and cleanse it of past energies. You could also lay the cards out on a table and pass a smudge stick over them, and then stack the cards and repeat the method again to ensure they’re spiritually pure. Some of our psychic readers here at Psychic Sofa prefer to cleanse each card one by one, but whatever feels most right to you should always be the method you use. Cleansing yourself and your Tarot reading space can also help to clear the energy around you, and smudging can be used for this too.

smudging method

The Moon Bath

The full moon is full of spiritual energy, so harnessing its power can enhance the desires that come with your psychic reading. As the moon phases change, it also moves across the Zodiac, and you can therefore align your intention with the stars too. For example, Libras have an affinity for arty projects and new adventures. You could therefore cleanse and charge your deck under that moon to provide it with properties related to this. That night, or day, you could look into places you’d like to visit, or hobbies you’d like to take up, to boost the moon’s power no end. Simply place your deck of cards under a window sill, or on a table where the light of the full moon can reach them.

Cleansing Crystals For Positive Energy

Recharging and cleansing decks with crystals is another great method. Simply place a cleansing stone on top of your cards when not in use. Popular crystals include:

Clear quartz - Enhances the cards’ energy.

Selenite - Helps to connect with spirit guides.

Black tourmaline - Absorbs negative energy, and grounds the cards.

Amethyst - Heightens psychic intuition.

Using your birthstone can also be a powerful tool for clearing your Tarot Cards and Angel Cards of past intent, allowing you to set new ones.

cleansing crystals

Reiki Healing 

As you may know, Reiki involves a trusted practitioner placing their hands directly above a client to bring forth healing - through the stimulation of the body’s natural processes. When it comes to Reiki Card healing, you want to encourage the same, allowing the cards to heal from any negative energy acquired through previous readings. Spread your cards out on your psychic reading table. Rub your palms together for approximately 10 seconds, and then pile your cards, ensuring you get a feel for every single card. Hold the deck between your palms and perform Reiki healing with the clear intention to remove any prior energy. Meditation can further help with this process.

Visualisation Techniques

Another great method is to use your imagination. Picture a ball of light cleansing the cards in purity and serenity, or the wind blowing away any leftover energy to let the new flow throughout. This can be done while shuffling the cards, or holding the deck in your hands. Others like to imagine words and prayers surrounding the cards, and then asking the Tarot Cards or Angel Cards to help them with spiritual guidance.

visualisation techniques

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Did you know that sound is one of the best ways to clear energy? By placing your cards closeby, and playing the bowl for a few moments, you can imagine the sound flowing through your Tarot deck or Angel Card deck, until they have been cleared and cleansed. These healing tools keep energy in check, and can also strengthen your chakras. And they do sound rather wonderful.

Card Cleansing Ritual Benefits - Healing & Deeper Connections

There are many advantages to Tarot Card cleansing methods and Angel Card cleansing techniques. These include:

To attune the deck to you: It’s possible that someone else has used your card deck before you, and therefore, it is attuned to their energies. This could have negative, obsessive or anxious connotations, hindering their usage. Cleansing your cards ensures they’re refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for your usage.

You’re using a new deck: If the deck has been untouched before, then the best way to ensure it provides you with correct spiritual guidance is to cleanse your cards beforehand. Crystals and smudging are preferred techniques for new cards.

To reduce confusing psychic readings: Does it feel like there’s odd or confusing energy attached to your cards that’s impacting your readings? Do your psychic readings provide inconsistencies with real life? Cleansing can clear away any bad vibes and enhance your psychic readings for more accurate results.

You use your cards regularly: If you’re a professional psychic reader, then before each client’s session, you should cleanse your deck to ensure that each reading is attuned to each customer, and they get an authentic Tarot Card reading or Angel Card reading that keeps them coming back for more.

You need to reconnect with your Tarot Cards or Angel Cards: If you haven’t carried out a reading for a while, or your cards have been stored away, then cleansing them is a great way to reconnect with your spiritual self, as well as the cards themselves. 

card cleansing ritual benefits

Keeping your spiritual tools in tip-top condition is of paramount importance, especially when they provide insight and guidance that can change your life forever. Cleansing Tarot Cards and Angel Cards can breathe new life into their power, so that you can trust in their knowledge wholeheartedly. With many cleansing methods to choose from, and many benefits of doing so, you can provide accurate psychic readings for friends, family and clients alike. And should you like a Tarot Card reading or Angel Card reading for yourself, then we encourage you to have psychic readings with one of our trusted Psychic Sofa readers. Call us today on 0905 789 7752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 0161 864 0152 for your own specialist psychic phone reading.


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