Are you telepathic?

Interesting information about our telepathic instincts

Telepathy is the ability to tap into someone else’s thinking or an unknown situation where you either predict what will happen or believe that something will happen and it does. You do not even have to know someone personally to experience a telepathic connection, it could be someone that passes you by in the street. These experiences can either be pleasant or unpleasant but most of the time the recipient will have a very strong sense of awareness.

You do not have to be psychic to be telepathic either and is more common than what we realise, it’s just many people do not understand what telepathy really is. Have you ever had a moment where someone has suggested something which you have been thinking? Or you have received a message from someone when you were thinking the same thing? More than likely, it’s because you truly were! When we share the same energy field of communication, lots of different signals get passed on and many of us experience the same messages. We could be thinking the same thought as someone else every minute without even realising it or sharing the same feelings as our partners without actually expressing what we fear to express.

Thoughts of telepathy tend to start at a young age where we connect to feelings and react through impulse. We are unable to communicate our feelings vocally, therefore we speak by making loud noises alongside using our body language. Mothers are in tune with their children’s needs before they speak as they are consciously aware of how vulnerable their children are, therefore naturally they are able to link into the thought process and basic needs of their children. The more we grow however the more we tend to create barriers, particularly from our parents so we then instead develop a different sort of connection with our parents and adapt to the world around us as we need to. How you experience life in a telepathic sense will often depend upon the link you shared with your mother.

There are different types of telepathy and they can be defined as the transfer of both physical and emotional energy. Sometimes when we pass someone in a public place we automatically pick up vibes from them, because we are open to them and connect with their energy without realising and we can have a telepathic reaction. Emotional telepathy tends to occur in relationships, whereby we pick up what the other is thinking without actually having to ask them. We are all telepathic as we are constantly connecting with the vibrations of the universe. It isn’t actually that hard to link into the telepathy of others either. Simply connect with them and send them telepathic messages, you don’t even need to be in the same room to do this. Even if it means testing yourself with a friend, you will soon begin to see interesting results.

Various experiments have been carried out at universities and private institutions throughout the world on human telepathic abilities. Many of these experiments were successful, except among those few individuals who showed some were said to have a great ability for receiving another person's thoughts. These experiments were typically conducted by placing the "receiver" in one room and the "transmitter" in another room. The transmitter looked at a picture of one of five geometric symbols (circle, square, triangle, rectangle and star) while the receiver wrote down their impressions of what was being transmitted. When five geometric figures are used, there is a one out of five chance that the receiver will get the answer correct, even by guessing. If the receiver gets a significantly higher percentage correct, this is an indication that the receiver has an above normal telepathic ability, or possibly that the sender is an extremely strong transmitter.
Most of us believe that we have felt telepathy at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a phone call you predicted or an ex lover communicating words which you somehow already heard, somewhere along the lines we all at some point experience an unexplained knowledge and energy within us.

Mabel Iam psychologist, advisor and author explains that the brain is complex and has many different functions. There is a left side and a right side made up of two different hemispheres linked together, both have different functions. The left side of our brains is related to rational and analytical thinking and connects us to reality. Whereas the right side connects more with artistry, instinct and our inner worlds.

Mabel goes on to explain that with this evidence that we are able to generate mental communication with other people through these different types of energy. This phenomenon is called spontaneous telepathy. In terms of erotic telepathy, It has been proven that spontaneous telepathic transmission is closely linked with the type of relationship between the two connected subjects. They attract a certain type of “love energy,” which facilitates the reciprocal transmission of thoughts—whether you want it or not. If you are aware of your thinking and can differentiate between the two sides of your brain then it is easier to connect to others.

Are you telepathic?

You have a strong feeling about something which might happen and then it does
You quite often hear words before they are said
You know when you are being spoken about
You feel uncomfortable around certain people for unexplained reason
You often think about someone just before they phone
You can make someone feel happy just by thinking positive thoughts about them
You feel sad sometimes for no reason – (due to the fact you are linking into someone else’s thought process)



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