June Birthstones & How To Use Them Effectively

What colour is June’s birthstone, and what other gems does this month encompass? And how can you harness the power of them, to ensure intentions are good and pure? In the sixth installment of this blog series, we’ll answer all of these questions and more.

Isn’t June wonderful? The sunny days, the promise of beach trips and the planning of holidays with those we hold dear. The flowers in full bloom, June symbolises the beginning of summer, and the adventures that this can entail. It’s very fitting therefore, that June’s birthstones include pearl and moonstone - whose clarity and protection ensures the right path is taken for future success. But what colour is June’s birthstone, and what other gems does this month encompass? And how can you harness the power of them, to ensure intentions are good and pure? In the sixth installment of this blog series, we’ll answer all of these questions and more.  And if you’re seeking further support, we recommend a psychic phone reading with one of our trusted psychic readers today. You can call them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

june birthstones

What Is The Birthstone For June? Pearl Meaning, Colour & Psychic Power. 

One of the most popular June birthstones is pearl, which - unlike other gems that formulate in the earth - is formed within molluscs that reside in water. Their creation is almost magical - with grains of sand infiltrating the mollusc and forming layers of pearly materials around it, building up and creating a pearl that dazzles and shines. Different from man-made pearls, natural pearls often have shape irregularities, which actually enhances their worth, beauty and spiritual power. No-one on earth is without flaws, and neither is anything from the water.

Pearls are available in various colours, including white, black, pink, brown, blue and gold, dependent on the mollusc and water type - whether that’s saltwater or freshwater. Regardless of the June birthstone colour you choose, the energy surrounding them all is quite feminine in nature - meaning they can be useful instruments if you know you have an excess of Yang or masculine energy within your Chakra. The feminine energy can be useful for accessing the wisdom of Mother Nature, as well as the Goddess in moon rituals. Pearls can enable vibration restoration, balancing opposing forces, and bringing about peace and harmony to the aura, as well as the mind, body and soul.


For greater detail on the spiritual meaning of pearls:

  • White Pearls: A symbol of beauty, innocence and purity, they are regularly used as wedding jewellery.

  • Black Pearls: Brings strength, independence and freedom to those who seek it, and are considered quite intriguing. 

  • Pink Pearls: Tied to love, romance and contentment, pink pearls are swimming in feminine energy.

  • Purple Pearls: As purple is a royal colour, and has been historically tied to class, nobility and premium offerings, these gems help to bring power, wisdom and wealth to those who want it.

  • Blue Pearls: Reminiscent of the sea, they’re related to calmness, truth and courage - for wherever our journeys take us

  • Gold Pearls: A highly-regarded stone, gold is equated with wealth, prosperity and luxury.

  • Brown Pearls: Independence, stability and harmony are what brown pearls represent, and are useful when making life changes that need courage of conviction.

Beyond varying colours, there are also varying pearl types, each with distinct spiritual healing capabilities, including:

pearl colours

When it comes to chakra healing, pearls are connected to the lower chakras. Wearing a pearl necklace will help to restore their balance, especially as unbalanced lower chakras can show themselves as sudden bursts of anger, jealousy or playing the blame game. Perhaps you’ve been feeling unappreciated recently, or are lacking compassion for someone you feel doesn’t deserve it. Or maybe you’re questioning your loved ones intentions, and feel their actions do not align with their words. Pearl can bring balance to the lower chakras, and help you to see other points of view too.

The pearl birthstone can also bring balance to your Third Eye, in cases where you’re struggling with professional, personal or spiritual aspects of your life. Enhancing your abilities and unlocking your potential, you’ll just know the right path to take, when tapping into pearl’s energy field.

If you’ve been feeling less connected to your family, friends or even coworkers, then bringing your Crown chakra into balance is a must. Doing so will connect you to the universe, reducing any anxiety you have within your relationships, and enabling better ones with those you care about.

The Moonstone - A June Birthstone That Enables Spiritual Awakenings

A stunning gem that shines just as the moon does on water, it has a rich and natural history. The American First Nations truly believed that moonstones would appear on the shore - when the moon and sun were in certain positions in relation to each other, and this would only occur every 21 years. This is also the origin of the famous phrase, ‘’Once in a blue moon’’. A treasured possession that many adored, it wasn’t uncommon for the dead to be buried with moonstone either, to provide protection in the next life.


In the Far East, this stone was said to bring wealth and good fortune, with the beam of light it produces illuminating the living spirit within the gem. Protecting sea travellers by the light at night, in India, it was also used to boost passion and love in any relationship that may have been feeling the strain of daily life.

Occurring in beautiful shades of blue, white, grey, and rainbow, each type offers something very special to the individual who seeks to harness its spiritual power:

The Blue Moonstone variety - also known as Cat’s Eye Moonstone - provides clarity of the mind and inner vision, maintaining focus during meditation, or while in an altered state of awareness. It’s great at bringing life lessons we must learn to the forefront of our minds, and in balancing opposing energies that could otherwise be our downfall.

Grey Moonstone helps those go beyond the five senses, and is therefore useful in clairvoyant and shamanic rituals, and in taking those to higher planes. Also known as the ‘New Moon Stone’, it enables the powers of the moon to shine through it, where everything is alive with potential.

White Moonstone enhances psychic abilities, boosts vision and helps one to decipher dreams. Magnifying emotions and helping to balance them with rational thought, it supports big life decisions and shines the light on the path to happiness.

Yellow Moonstone supports both the head and the heart, and lessens any concern that either is causing. Bringing out the best in individuals, its wonderful energy flows from the Divine, and is a great emotional support - especially for intuitive people who want to guide others and see the best outcomes.

Rainbow Moonstone showcases a variety of colour, acting as a prism and diffusing energy throughout the aura. Offering psychic protection, Rainbow Moonstone also helps to clear the mind and senses, and can support those with restless sleep. Deflecting negativity and reducing any emotional trauma, it helps everyone to see the good in the world, and move past the bad. 

rainbow moonstone

When it comes to the chakras, the white crystal energies present in all moonstones are connected with the Crown Chakra, which represents personal identification with the Infinite, and oneness with God, calm and enlightenment. When the Crown Chakra is in balance, it’s said our energies are in balance too, and nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. Providing spiritual nourishment and sustenance to help people through all of life’s changes, moonstone knows what you need to survive.

Other June Birthstones - Alexandrite & Sapphire

As well as emerald being the June guardian angel birthstone, and Beryl being the apostle rock, alexandrite and sapphire are two other birthstone options that offer great spiritual power.

Alexandrite - Believed to bring good luck, good fortune and abundance to those who use it daily in their spiritual practices. Seen as a good omen, finding natural alexandrite is said to help you find the confidence you need to go forward in life with all of your endeavours. A great boost to self-esteem, this birthstone will get you feeling positive and hopeful about your prospects and opportunities.


Sapphire - Available in deep royal blue and amber, as well as green, black and purple, each sapphire shade offers its own vibration and qualities, as well as some special shared ones, such as:


Whereas pink sapphire clears emotional hurdles and blockages, purple sapphire opens up psychic intuition and encourages access to the higher planes.

Using Your June Gems Effectively

There are some simple things you can do to get the most out of your June birthstone - and these include charging, grounding, and wearing birthstone jewellery.

Charging your birthstone in sunlight helps to enhance its spiritual energy. Simply place the stone in sunlight for up to 12 hours, allowing it to soak up the sun’s power. For better balance, placing it in moonlight can put celestial powers into the mix, and we recommend doing so during a full moon, new moon, or even a lunar eclipse.

Another way to charge your gem is by setting intentions. Think about what you truly want in life, and visualise living a life where anything is possible. To charge birthstones this way, place them on your left hand with your palm flat. Hover your right hand over it, and then, try to find your centre, and a place of calm. Meditation can help, allowing you to push aside negativity, and focus on the here and now, and what you want for yourself. When you’ve found a sense of calm, and you can feel the birthstone’s power, set your intentions. Be honest with yourself, and truth will spring forward.

Grounding birthstones is where you return them to the earth, to restore and rebirth them. You can bury them in some compost, or soil, and then, simply close your eyes and imagine the earth encompassing the gems in a healing nature, removing any impurities, and surrounding them with new positive light. As with charging, grounding can last for 12 hours.

Wearing birthstone jewellery is also a fun way to enhance your spiritual connection, with traditional and natural stones offering the best results. What’s more, and to boost its power, you can wear additional stones to enhance their power, and increase the likelihood of greater results.

From unlocking intuition and helping individuals find clarity and understanding, through to bringing about wealth, luck and good fortune, June’s birthstones can do a whole lot more than just look pretty. To feel the benefits yourself, why not enter our competition through our Facebook page? You could win a birthstone necklace or loose stone, and we know that you deserve a treat. For further insight into birthstones for June, or for some spiritual guidance, why not have a telephone psychic reading with one of our trusted psychics today. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152 today.


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