The Spirits Who Watch Over Us, & Why They Care

The spirit world can be a daunting thing to face if you’ve never had an encounter with it before, but how do you know that you’re not already in contact with spirits around you without even knowing it?

The spirit world can be a daunting thing to face if you’ve never had an encounter with it before, but how do you know that you’re not already in contact with spirits around you without even knowing it? For many of us, encounters with spirits happen more often than we think - there are spirits all around us, watching over and protecting us as we navigate our way through our lives. The questions we then need to ask ourselves is this: which spirits are watching over us and why are they watching over us? We understand that this can be a confusing concept to grasp if you’ve never delved into the more spiritual side of things before, so we’ve put together this guide to spirits to help give you a better understanding of what exactly is going on in the world around you. If you’re interested in learning more about the spirits that surround us, keep on reading! 


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Which spirits might be watching over me?

So, what are spirits and why might they watch over us? It’s a pretty loaded question and the answer tends to change from person to person, but in general, we try to break the spirits that are looking over us into 4 different categories. Doing this helps us to understand who is looking over us as well as the reason behind their presence. Whilst there are no set definitions on the matter, the 4 different types of spirits that are believed to watch over you are:

Deceased Loved Ones

Probably the most common and, in truth, most comforting examples of a spirit watching over us is that of a deceased loved one who has passed on into the spirit world following their death. It’s no surprise that these spirits are so often found to be watching over us - the bond shared in life is incredibly strong and often remains for a long time after the death of a loved one. For this reason, it’s almost impossible to break that bond, even after death, so where possible, these spirits try to protect and look over you to help guide your entire life in the right direction. 

Lost loved ones enjoy making themselves known - if you recognise that the spirit is one you are familiar with, it takes a lot of the fear and scepticism out of the event, which helps you to open up and engage with the spirit far more easily. Often acting as a spirit guide on your behalf, your loved ones such as parents, grandparents, spouses, or lifelong friends will attempt to guide you to the best of their knowledge. Interestingly, this knowledge tends to remain the same as that which they held during their lives, making theme experts in the areas they specialised in whilst alive, rather than all-knowing beings after death. 

Another closely related form of spirit which you’ll find might be looking over you are ancestors, who are spirits of family members from many generations before your own who are looking over and protecting their bloodline long after their passing. Ancestors are often quite strange, albeit friendly spirits to engage with as they feel far more distant and less connected to yourself than spirits of your loved ones might, yet they are still, technically, family! If you don’t feel as ready to open up to the spirits of your ancestors, don’t worry - that’s a common feeling, you only have to open up to the spirits you feel comfortable letting guide you, so don’t get yourself worked up about which spirits to let in and which to close off from. 


You’ve probably heard of archangels before when researching spirits, but you might not have realised that you may have archangels guiding your life! Archangels are, undoubtedly, some of the most powerful spiritual beings in the celestial hierarchy - this gives them the ability to command groups of other spirits below them and offer direction en masse. In using this power, archangels are able to guide entire groups of people towards their shared goals - this is the main difference between archangels and guardian angels (which we’ll talk about shortly), who are only able to divert their attention to a single person at a time. This, of course, is due to the limitations of their powers when compared to the highest level of the celestial hierarchy. 

Whilst they are incredibly powerful, archangels do choose not to demand anything from us and will not demand contact with us - they simply prefer us to ask for their guidance and come seeking it. Once a connection has been made with an archangel, it is not uncommon for people to start to notice an upturn in fortune or, as some may call it, miracles occurring around them. When you’re graced with the guidance of an archangel, it’s always best to heed their advice. 

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are perhaps the most precious spirits you may ever have the pleasure of being connected to, thanks to their intentions to offer protection, guidance, and a sense of purpose to each person they grace. It’s believed that every person is appointed their own guardian angel, who will help them to recognise their life’s purpose and feel infinitely more connected to the world around them. Above all else, guardian angels are incredibly supportive beings and they’ll encourage you to always have the strength to engage in the things that elevate your spirituality, which means your guardian angel is actually one of the biggest reasons that you might find it easier to tap into your spiritual side. 

Guardian angels attempt to help you in every way that they can and, whilst they aren’t quite able to simply grant wishes or predict your future, they are able to offer an unrivalled level of support to us for a lifetime, helping us to create a better life for ourselves. Lastly, it’s worth noting that guardian angels have a knack for alerting us to dangers and evil that may come our way - these things can cause problems and unhappiness in our lives, which is exactly the kind of thing that a guardian angel looks to protect us all from. 

Spirit Guides

Finally, we have spirit guides, who I’m sure we’ve all heard referenced when talking about spirits, angels, and the energy surrounding us all. Spirit guides are, in most cases, spirits that have previously existed in a physical form right here on Earth, who have then passed on to the spiritual realms where they now find themselves dutifully assisting their assigned human. Each person can have multiple spirit guides assisting them through their life, with each spirit often specialising in a different aspect of life to ensure that the person has the assistance they need in every field. There are, however, special cases where a spirit may act as the guide for a group of people - these are often ascended masters who served that same purpose during their time on Earth. Entities such as Mother Mary, Buddha, and even Jesus could be described within this category, acting as a spiritual guide for large groups of people who are all in need of direction in the same way. 

One interesting thing we often see regarding spirit guides is that they often serve the same purpose to that of their allocated person - this gives them a more intelligent insight into this person’s purpose and desires, meaning they’re able to help them reach their aspirations more effectively. These spirit guides will often take lessons that have been learned during their time as a physical being on Earth and apply them to the people that they assist, which again enables them to properly help the person in question with real-life experience. They often deliver their energy through prayer and stars, so be sure to keep an eye out for these forms of communications. 

Why am I being watched over?

Whilst this seems a simple question, there really isn’t just one straight answer for it - each person has a different reason for the presence of their spiritual guides, so it’s more important that you understand your own personal troubles which you might need assistance with. If you know that you have struggles in a certain field, such as relationships, romance, money or your career, you may be able to connect with your spirit guides to ask for assistance and divine guidance to lead you on the right path, but you can’t expect them to have the answers to everything - some things have to be left up to yourself or, in a more ominous fashion, fate. 

spirit watching over

In other cases, your spirit guide may try to communicate with you when danger or evil is coming your way - spirits are able to recognise this darker energy far more easily than us humans here on Earth can, so their warning signs are something that we must always be aware of. As we navigate our daily lives, it’s impossible for us as humans to anticipate the dangers which may be ahead - by following our feelings and the guidance of the spirits, we’re able to tackle these situations with grace and aplomb, allowing us to lead happier lives as a result. 

Signs that you’re being watched over

As you’d probably expect, the spirits watching over you enjoy leaving signs to let you know that you’re there - through a range of sensations, ever-present energy, symbols, and clues, you’ll be able to recognise that you’re being watched by the spirits. This can often be a joyful experience, as it’s incredibly comforting to know that you are being cared for and protected, helping you to overcome challenges and issues that you may face with an ever-present guidance system assisting you. Here are a few of the signs you might be able to recognise when you’re being watched by the different types of guides:


Surprisingly, one of the most common ways that a spirit may choose to connect with you is through smells and scents, rather than anything visual. You’ll usually instantly recognise when a spirit is communicating with your through fragrance, as it’ll be a very familiar scent that you associate with a particular person, event, time, or situation. From the sugary sweet smell of your grandmother baking pastries in the kitchen to the pungent stench of your dad’s old aftershave, smells can come from a range of places and are used to give messages to the person smelling them. It’s worth noting that at times that a scent may not be a sign - if you’re baking a cake, don’t expect that sweet smell to be a sign from the spirit realm! 

Appearances in dreams

We’ve had many people tell us during our trusted psychic readings that they’ve been visited in a dream by a loved one who is no longer with us and that’s no coincidence - we’re far more susceptible to penetration from spirits whilst we sleep and our imagination and mind are working overtime to structure the dreams we see each night. Each of the different types of guides has their own way of sending ideas to you - it may be through conversations in your dream state, a voice echoing around you, or certain shapes appearing in your dreams - each of these can be a sign from your guardians. 

Water or electricity

Spirits are mischievous and they’ll take any opportunity to make their presence known. One of the easiest ways for them to do this is through the facilities that your home has to offer, which is why you may notice things such as a radio randomly turning on, your lights flickering, or puddles appearing where they have no logical reason to be. Elsewhere, a candle flickering on and off can also be a sign that spirits are attempting to communicate with you, or any other abnormal activity occurring with your household items. Pay particular attention to items that have significant meaning to you, as these often where the presence of energy is highest. Vibrations, sparks of light or simply the presence of light where it usually wouldn’t be can also indicate that a spirit is close by. 

One of the most effective ways to be able to open a source of communication between yourself and the spirit realm is by taking part in a sitting with a psychic reader. You can take part in online psychic readings or telephone psychic readings, where you’ll be able to choose a psychic that operates using your preferred tool, such as angel cards, tarot cards or other practices, which enable the reader to better understand your energy and aura. Here at Psychic Sofa, you’ll be able to have complete control over your psychic phone readings, selecting the caller based on their specialist medium and the length of the call based on what you feel comfortable with. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to fit everything into the call - you’ll have an option to add more minutes on at the end of the call, so you can jump straight back in where you left off. Get in touch with us here at Psychic Sofa on 0905 789 1111 (Calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge)!

Outside of psychic readings, you may be able to start improving your own psychic abilities too if you think you have the gift - by meditating frequently, writing after meditation in a book or journal, where you can talk about your encounters with other souls and whether the experience met your expectations or not. Was there an energy shift when you connected with your spirit guides, or perhaps a strange feeling? All of this is exactly what you should make note of, even after simple meditation. You can find out more over on our blog!


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