Wake-up your Spiritual Side

We all know there's more to life than work and money, but how much time do you spend thinking about the spiritual side of life?

Wake Up Spiritual Side

Wake-up your Spiritual Side

We all know there's more to life than work and money, but how much time do you spend thinking about the spiritual side of life? You might be reticent to focus on spirituality because it sounds strange, unfamiliar or because of a belief system that was foisted upon you as a child. Spirituality isn't about being dictated to, it's about finding your own place in the world as a caring, connected, spiritually awake being. There is no right or wrong way to practice spirituality (as long as it harms nobody) - it's personal to you. It's for you to discover a deeper meaning to life which resonates with you as an individual. You can begin that journey by exploring activities which can begin to wake-up your spirituality.


This is the gateway to your spirituality. When you are meditating, you are in a state of passive alertness. This means your body is relaxed but your mind is awake. Meditation is a chance to clear your mind of the racing thoughts that clog up your thinking in the rush of everyday life. You can quieten your mind by focusing on one element, such as a flame, a sound, your breathing or an image. Think of your brain as a muscle - the more you exercise the muscle the stronger it gets.

People who practice meditation say it helps you discover your true self and connect with the divine source. On a physical level, meditation relaxes your body, by lowering your heart rate and giving you a sense of wellbeing.

Sound Healing

A good gentle introduction to spiritual energies, sound healing is literally bathing your body in the frequencies of healing sound. Practitioners say the cells in your body are affected by certain sound frequencies. The resonance or frequencies of sound can heal and energise the body. It's thought that sound thorough its rhythm and frequency, can shift your brainwaves from beta state (normal waking consciousness) into alpha state (relaxed), or into theta (a meditative state) or delta (for sleep or healing).

Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can help you make sense of what's happening in your life. For example, if you need a fresh perspective on a romantic, family or career-based dilemma. Perhaps there are emotions or hurts from your past you're avoiding, or people you are in conflict with? A psychic reading can give you a snapshot of your situation, highlighting the positives and suggesting options to change the negatives. A psychic reading is never set in stone, however, should help to suggest possible outcomes for the future - which always depends on the choices you make. Psychics can empower you to make informed and positive decisions on your future.

Regression Therapy

Do you have unexplained fears or emotional pain? Perhaps this emotional baggage is leftover from a past life? Sounds farfetched, perhaps - but nobody knows what happens to your energy/your spirit, after your body dies. This spiritual technique is said to be able to help you uncover memories from your past lives. It can be performed by a practitioner as a form of hypnosis or you can try it out yourself as a meditation. The purpose of having a past life regression is much more than just curiosity. It is a therapy that can help explain emotions and phobias that are bothering you in this life. It can also reveal karmic relationships between yourself and others. For example, if you clash with a particular person, perhaps you have unfinished business between you left over from a past life. The aim of past life regression is to help you understand where your phobias or difficult relationships with a certain person originate from and to heal them.


Yoga will get your spiritual sense flowing. It is exercise for your body and for your mind and spirit. The word 'yoga' means 'union', referring to the idea of uniting those three aspects of yourself. It was originally intended as a spiritual practice and is another accessible way of starting on the path to discovering your spirituality. Performing yogic poses is meditative, calming your mind as well as strengthening your body.

Spiritual Healing

This treatment is ideal for beginners or those with limited mobility. All that's required is acceptance of the need for change. The treatment is performed by a spiritual healer, who will place their hands on or just above your body - usually your head or shoulders. You are asked to relax, while the healer channels good intentions or healing from the Divine source or the universe into your body. You can try it yourself, on yourself or on a pet or person. Sit in a quiet place. Make sure your subject is calm and relaxed. Imagine a protective white light surrounding you both. Hold your hands about two inches above the subject's body. Visualise warm, healing light flowing from the universe through your hands into the subject. Imagine this light healing, cleansing and soothing the subject.


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