Why Hot Yoga Is So Cool

Yoga is quickly replacing many of our regular vices. More and more health conscious people are busy looking for ways in which to find inner calm within their hectic outer world.

Hot Yoga

It's So Cool To Hot Yoga

Yoga is quickly replacing many of our regular vices. More and more health conscious people are busy looking for ways in which to find inner calm within their hectic outer world. Yoga is one of the most popular alternative ways to exercise, and offers many health and wellbeing benefits, no matter your age or experience level. Whatever your preference may be there is a style of yoga to suit.

Devoted yogis are opting for Hot Yoga moves for a faster paced positive body response. This unique style of yoga follows a sequence of 26 hatha yoga postures, with endurance being the main focus. The heavy sweating that occurs during practice helps to flush toxins from the skin, and promotes detoxification. Improved mental clarity and concentration, muscle toning and a deeper sense of relaxation are other beneficial side effects.

What is Hot Yoga?

The core principles of Hot Yoga are based on Indian yoga teacher and guru Bikram Choudhury’s teachings. This style of yoga is practiced in a studio or room where the temperature is 104 F (40 C). In heated and sweaty conditions like this it is claimed that the body is more able to stretch properly, whilst healing chronic pain and minimizing physical injury. Detoxification and stress relief are also enhanced.

How To Prep For Hot Yoga

Before getting all hot and sweaty it’s important to be fully aware of your own health, prior to practicing Hot Yoga. It’s essential to increase your levels of hydration, particularly on the day that you plan to attend a Hot Yoga class. Eat a light meal before class, and replenish lost minerals and electrolytes afterwards. Remember to pack a towel for mopping up all that excess sweat.

Keeping It Cool

Before, during, and after every Hot Yoga session drink plenty of water to ensure you are properly hydrated. Sip your drink between postures. As yoga isn’t competitive there’s no need to play it cool. Do what you’re capable of without the need to impress everyone.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Wearing breathable clothing makes sense when you consider the sweltering conditions. Practicing your postures in tiny sports and a sports bra is perfectly acceptable. The more you sweat the more efficient your body will be when it comes to cooling down. Dress for comfort, not style.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot Yoga sessions typically last 90 minutes. Whilst you may be comfortably used to the heat of soaring temperature summers, your body may need a little time to acclimatize to performing yoga postures in high 104 F (40 C) studio temperature conditions. When the temperature starts to rise it’s important to let your breathing and sweat cool you down. If you need to lower your temperature take a break during class and step outside the room, so that your body can naturally cool itself down.

After Class

At the end of your Hot Yoga class you are likely to feel super stretched and deeply relaxed. Whilst being all sweaty may not feel comfortable, embracing the sweat is the real secret to this hot style of yoga. Just think of the health and wellbeing benefits as you wipe away sweat from your brow, and other places.

Exercise With Caution

If you choose to ignore your body’s warning signs you risk suffering from dehydration, increased heart rate, decreased blood pressure and nausea. In some cases heat stroke can also be a concern. If you have high or low blood pressure an easier form of yoga is perhaps a better choice for you. Always consult with your doctor prior to taking up any form of new exercise regime. If looking cool is your primary objective finding the perfect mind, body and spirit practice for you will help you reap the rewards.


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