Psychic Sofa Glossary Page

Ever been in a psychic reading and been stumped by a word or phrase you weren’t familiar with? Ever wanted to know what terms such as ‘allegorical’, ‘astrology’ or ‘incantation’ meant, but were never too sure who to ask? Well then, Psychic Sofa are here to help with an extensive psychic glossary that can answer those questions and more! Within this glossary, you can find various psychic-related definitions, and should you require any further explanation, do not hesitate to get in touch with our psychic readers today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152 to find out more.

Absent Sitter

The term ‘absent sitter’ can be broken down into two parts: ‘sitter’ and ‘absent’. A sitter is a person who is having some kind of reading, whether that is an astrology reading, Tarot Card reading, or an Angel Card reading - for example. For the sitter to be absent, it means the reading has been done for them, but they were not present. 



Allegory stories occur in circumstances where the characters and other components within the story have a different meaning in contexts outside of the story. These stories are often told in poetic form. A good example of this is the allegorical meaning of a Tarot card, and how the imagery relates to events and circumstances of the sitter. 


Altered State of Consciousness

This word phrase applies to every state of the human mind that is distinct from the usual state of waking. Dreams, out-of-body encounters, premonitions, euphoria, or hysteria are examples of altered states of perception. An altered state of consciousness is usually characterised by losing one's sense of identity with one's body. Often, during a feverish illness, for example, an altered state happens naturally or is caused by a stressful event such as sleep deprivation or sensory overload. To access and develop their psychic abilities in a self-induced trance, some individuals use different techniques, such as prayer and meditation, to induce altered states. 



Typically in the form of a necklace, ring, brooch, and occasionally even a belt buckle, an amulet is a talisman designed to be worn. Talismans are generally built for one particular purpose or individual. Although the wearer may not be conscious of it, a necklace consisting of a gold chain and a diamond pendant is an amulet combining the diamond's esoteric effect (protection, inspiration, devotion, beauty, clarity of mind, and bravery), with the gold's esoteric effect (healing, spirituality, and understanding). Talismans can be made from simpler materials as well. A leather thong amulet harnesses the energy and strength of the animal from whose skin it was created,  and, if you add a feather to it, you can channel the bird's ability to soar into higher realms.



God's messengers. At the beginning of time, angels were made. They're not going to die, and never will, until the end of the World. Angels are ageless and sexless, but, if appropriate, they can take male or female forms, or they can take animal forms. Their intent on earth is to carry messages from the Absolute to all types of earthly life and, where appropriate, provide assistance and guidance. Contrary to common belief, when they die, human beings do NOT become angels, they become transcendent human beings. Angels are an entirely distinct mode of life.


Angel Cards

There are three common decks of cards used for giving readings, among others. They are the Oracle of the Angel, the Tarot of the Angel, and Healing of the Angels. Everyone accepts a different notion. However, the principle behind them is the same. He or she is appealing to the angels for advice or encouragement, or both, for the client, when a reader uses these cards. Some Angel Card decks are designed to show which angel is channeling the message.


Angel Messages

Messages from angels can come through in varied ways: They can appear in dreams, first of all. Second, through a psychic reader, they can come from - perhaps through spiritual instruments such as rune stones or Tarot cards. Or, they can appear in their angelic forms for the highly evolved. Valuable guidance, divine training, comfort, or, in extreme situations, warnings may be transmitted by angel messages.


Astral Plane

There are six main planes of consciousness in this solar system. The first is the actual, material, or earthly plane on which we make our home in this Solar System, along with all other physical life forms. The second is the emotional or astral plane, which is a plane of life that strikingly parallels the earthly plane. The lower levels of the astral plane (sometimes referred to as the etheric plane) are where, through artificial means, we find ghosts, unevolved spirits, the souls of those who died suddenly or violently, and, according to certain sensitive ones, the spirits of those whose bodies are kept alive. To prepare for their next rebirth, the higher astral planes are where the more advanced souls rest and collect their energy, and also study with Masters. Beyond the astral planes are the mental, the Buddhic, the Atmic, and the full solar consciousness plane.



The science of mapping the positions of the planets, the twelve zodiac signs relating to them and the stars, and the horoscope's twelve mathematically measured houses at the precise moment of birth to discern the lifetime capacity of the individual concerned. To discern the possibilities of events and personal growth occurring after birth, the process can be continued through the advancement of the planets. The oldest record of astrological thought goes back to a sculpture from around 25,000 B.C. of the phases of the Moon. There are a variety of different astrology colleges, including natal astrology, which marks an individual's development; mundane astrology, which marks the unfolding of world events; event astrology, which is used to schedule important events such as marriages, job changes, business openings, and even presidential inaugurations.


Heliocentric astrology, which positions the Sun instead of the Planet at the core of the chart, is a modern school of astrology that has only grown in the last few decades. Galactic astrology, which accepts the idea that the existence of a human being is inseparable from the life of one's world, the life of one's star, and the life of one's galaxy, is the newest form of astrology, fuelled by recent developments in quantum physics and cosmology.



The electromagnetic field that encircles any living being. Auras can also be seen by individuals with keen psychic abilities. The auric field is shaped like a giant egg around human beings, with the narrow portion of the egg at the head and the widest portion at the feet. An aura can be any of the rainbow's seven colours, and some experts say that there can even be a few colours, such as pink, in between. Depending on their personality and basic nature, most individuals have a set inner aura colour that remains constant. There are several layers to the aura, however, and the colour of the outer aura momentarily varies with the mood of the person.


Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a phenomena during which a person gains the ability to write down a flow of their consciousness whilst in a deep state of meditation. This message will not be provided by the writer, but a source beyond themself - the writer is simply the vessel through which the message is delivered.


Aura Reading

A reading provided by a trained clairvoyant, or aura specialist, in which the personality, potential future, level of health and spiritual growth of the person are discovered based on what colours are dominant in the inner and outer auras of the individual.



Utilised by healers and psychics, balancing is a healing technique that harmonises or smooths the aura of an individual. This can be focused simply on the head, or with a more general focus across the entire body. Healers and psychics will use this as a healing method for a wide variety of afflictions.



The most common card system for divination and meditation is the Tarot, and some decks are also useful learning materials based on unique cultures and/or mythologies. A variety of oracles are found in other card systems - the I Ching cards, the Faeries' Oracle, the Druidic Animal Oracle, the New Light Goddesses, and the Medicine Cards - not to mention ordinary playing cards. These, such as the Tarot, can be used for divination, studying, and concentrating on meditation. 



Each of the eight centres of energy is placed along the spine of every living vertebrate at different points. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine of human beings and is linked to the instinct of survival and body awareness. In the groin area, the sacral chakra is associated with imagination, emotions, and sexuality, as well as the satisfaction of pleasures. At the solar plexus, the power chakra is located and is associated with our power, ego, and will. The heart chakra is located in the heart and is linked to devotion, compassion, and self-acceptance. In the throat, the throat chakra is located and governs communication, voice, and imagination. Under the eyebrows, the third eye chakra is associated with the sight of all forms, including both physical and psychic vision. At the top of the head, the crown chakra is located and is associated with intelligence, wisdom, and greater awareness. At the base of the skull, where the skull interacts with the spinal cord, is the eighth chakra, or Alta major core. This is the most powerful chakra of all, linked with the final ascendant of the consciousness of God, or enlightenment, of the individual.



Channeling is the practice of entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide.


Channel Medium

A sensitive psychic who has been selected to take the message of an entity to other living human beings by a particular otherworldly entity.



A charm is an object or item that is thought to have magic or protective powers that can be used by the person in possession of the charm. 



A channelling method. Clairaudience is generally characterised as the interpretation of messages from an object that resides in another domain in thought-forms. The person who receives these messages "hears" the messages in their head. Although words or songs can be heard the same way one hears a sentence or song going through their heads, all that is conveyed may be the thinking itself. For the budding clairaudient: Be sure that you share only with people who understand the messages received through clairaudience. 



The psychic capacity or power to acquire knowledge, or to see things, animals or persons, despite any distance involved, and to determine their present condition or emotional state in the case of an individual or animal. The clairvoyant will also pick up on past or future activities from the client. As a general concept concerning phenomena such as telepathy, second sight, prophetic visions, and hallucinations, Clairvoyance is also used.



A psychic with the power to use clairvoyance.


Coffee Grounds

Such as with tea leaves, after the coffee has been drunk, coffee grounds remaining at the bottom of a person's cup can be read to judge the immediate future of the individual. The shape of the coffee grounds serves as a focus for the psychic abilities of the reader, as well as how they are dispersed in the cup.


Crossover Reading

A type of reading in which the psychic reader uses at least two disciplines to give the client every advantage. Many readers use astrology, clairvoyance, and Tarot Cards in one reading, and numerology, palmistry, and the runes are other disciplines that are sometimes also mixed in with these.


Crystal Ball

A ball normally made of quartz crystal allowing certain psychics to concentrate their clairvoyance and to come up with dreams or answers to the query of a client. Several clairvoyants claim to have visions inside the crystal. This is another kind of discipline that can be mixed into the reading of a crossover. 


Deja Vu

When it is unlikely to have had this experience before, Dejà Vu refers to the sensation of reliving an experience. Neuropsychology describes this with a misfiring of the brain's nerve links, which causes the brain to assume that there is a repeat. However, in parapsychology, the condition is correlated with visionary abilities or past-life events that resurface.


Direct Voice

Direct Voice, also known as "Direct Independent Voice", refers to a voice without any apparent physical or logical source that manifests in a given room. The phenomenon is associated with spiritualist seances, during which the voice seems to be regulated by the medium.



Seeing the future using any of the following disciples: astrology, Tarot Cards, clairvoyance, numerology, channelling.



A doppelganger is a mirror image of an existing person or living being. Doppelgangers are thought to be a sign from the universe and can be interpreted in many different ways. For example, some people believe that seeing a doppelganger is an omen of death, whereas others interpret this as a sign that signals the existence of an alternative universe. 


Dream Interpretation

To solve a dilemma, a practice that analyses the images that appear in dreams, puts the dreamer in communication with his or her inner self, discerns repressed feelings, diagnoses potential disorders, unravels a warning, or foretells the future. 



The pictures, stories, and feelings that come to us as we sleep. They are like a movie that plays from our head, which premieres alone for us, and can range from the abstract to the elaborate, from the serious to the ridiculous, and from the funny to the terrifying. They have been regarded as messages from the supernatural since ancient times.


Electronic Voice Phenomena

This refers to sections of static sounds that seem to include spoken words, obtained on the radio or television set. While playing recorded music, some people even experience this phenomenon, especially backwards. Parapsychologists often equate these events with ghosts or spirits attempting to send a message, and living peoples’ spontaneous psychokinesis.



An individual who, without being verbally told and/or without palpable visual cues, can detect and/or comprehend emotions from another person or animal, which involves stimulus to some or all of the five senses, as well as the sixth sense. In locations far away from them, many empaths can tap into people.


ESP (Extrasensory Perception)

Extrasensory perception is the ability to recognise events and activities that happen outside of the realms of ‘normality’, which cannot be defined by science, logic, or reason. ESP is commonly referred to as the ‘sixth sense’ - alluding to the fact that information is gained through senses beyond the 5 physical senses that we experience daily. The term is used to describe psychic abilities such as intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, and retrocognition. 



The concept refers to entities or phenomena that originate on Earth in a dimension separate from that of creation.


False Awakening

A false awakening is a vision in which the dreamer feels that he or she has awoken. For the dreamer, who normally continues to perform daily tasks in the dream, the experience usually seems true. There are also false awakenings that precede or accompany lucid dreams.


Fate Line

The line that decides the life course of a person, which is typically found in the centre of the palm, in chiromancy or palmistry. Strong fate lines represent an individual who, at a young age, settles into his chosen life path, whereas weak fate lines suggest individuals who never really find their true calling. Long lines of destiny suggest individuals who continue to pursue their path of choice well into old age. Often the line of destiny is missing; this means that stability is lacking for the person. 


Feng Shui

The relationship between people, the wind, and the water. Feng Shui is a study of balance and harmony, which is thought to use the opposing energies of different items and people to create harmony and neutrality within an environment. The concept derives from a pseudoscientific practice that originated in ancient China.



Foretelling is the act of announcing a prediction.



To "see" potential incidents that unfold before the inner eye. Foreseeing is also combined with forecasting.


Fortune Telling

The practice of forecasting the future of a person, or their "fortune", through one or more ways of divination, or through psychic means.



The term was coined in the 1940s and refers - even when presented with proof or despite scoring in an ESP exam - to a person who does not believe in parapsychological phenomena.


Guided Imagery

For stress relief, relaxation, and self-analysis, directed imagery, also called guided visualisation, is used. The listener is led by a taped or live voice through an imaginary encounter, often a trip or walk. In his or her head, the listener is encouraged to let corresponding images emerge. Such images may have a relaxing, calming effect or can be analysed in terms of the "messages" they can contain from the unconscious of the listener. 



Many healing and divination techniques are based on the use of the hands. Professional use of the hands relies on palmistry, massage, Reiki healing, shamanic healing, acupressure, and other such disciplines. The key benefits of these disciplines are claimed to be the release and proper channelling of the energies of the body, but many psychics believe that it is only by a gentle touch that there are great benefits to be derived.



A phenomenon that happens when the spirit of a deceased person or animal does NOT travel to the higher planes for one purpose or another, but instead stays in a position where he or she feels secure, is content, or is not ready to leave yet.


Head Line

The head line extends horizontally from the centre of the palm to the heart line in Palmistry or Chiromancy. While it does not quantify intellect, the head line shows how an individual thinks. 


Heart Line

The heart line in Palmistry, or Chiromancy, is the line that runs directly under the little finger from the side of the hand to the region between the middle and index fingers. The heart line reveals how people, especially romantic partners, relate to each other throughout life. 



The term holistic refers to complete systems rather than individual parts. By analysing, treating, or accessing an entity as a whole, you are able to see the wider picture and make a more accurate analysis and interpretation of what is in front of you. This is particularly important during seances and readings where a psychic or medium will aim to read your aura and energy holistically rather than focusing on specific aspects.


Indirect Voice

This phrase refers to a commonly occurring phenomenon during mediumistic seances to relay a spirit’s messages.



An individual who can pick up on the thoughts and feelings of other types of life forms, as well as signals from nature. While intuitives are all psychics, not all intuitives are psychics. Psychics tend to decipher more detailed knowledge, whereas intuitives primarily deal with thoughts. Intuitives are also healers. In situations where there is no discernible cause of pain or discomfort, they can prove useful because they can feel what exactly is going on and are therefore in a stronger position to know what the individual should concentrate on, thus helping them to alleviate the pain. 



Intuition is the act of sensing or otherwise understanding things without any rational process. Unlike other ideas or thoughts that are formulated using information gathered previously, intuition is the discovery of information completely unrelated to everything else that you know or understand - it is the understanding of things that aren’t evident or deducible.


Life Line

The life line in Palmistry, or Chiromancy, is the line which extends from the base of the palm to just above the thumb. In general, the rule is that the longer the life line, the longer the individual will live. A short, thick life line suggests robust health. 


Life Review

This is a phenomenon in which a person’s life will flash before their eyes before death. It is well documented that people who have had near-death encounters, or who were resurrected after being pronounced clinically dead, have experienced this. 


Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream is created by being conscious of the fact that you are dreaming. There are some strategies and practices that can increase the likelihood of lucid dreams, which many partake in to experience the phenomenon.


Luminous Phenomena

This term applies to a phenomena focusing on light. Often, if a spirit is present in the room, you may be able to see it as a glowing light. The medium's body or clothes can sometimes seem to be illuminated from inside at other times, which alludes to the idea that they are connecting to the spirits in the room.



Magic is the practice of using paranormal influence to affect physical events. These changes will be performed without evidence of physical reason or logic and will often break the common laws of nature in a way that is seemingly impossible. Magic has both positive and negative evidence, which have been studied at length over the course of time, dating back to around 647BC. 



A Medium is an individual whose mind is capable of piercing the veil between this world and the next, allowing them to communicate with the dead, although some mediums often claim to speak to angels too. Mediums are most commonly called upon by individuals who want to communicate with friends, family, or, in some cases, angels, who have passed on to seek help or comfort. Mediums are also consulted to clear the haunted buildings of earthbound ghosts that are either not ready to leave the earth or do not know they are gone. 


Medium via Guides

A medium that does not actively communicate with the deceased, but who acts via a guide. A guide is an entity that has passed on but still remains connected to the earthly plane. The guide interacts with the deceased spirit while working with a medium, and then serves as a go-between to get messages from that spirit to the medium.



Mentalism is the theory that some things simply cannot be explained using reason, logic, or physical laws, instead drawing on the belief that there are actions that exist beyond the laws of nature. Mind reading, telepathy, and other forms of parapsychological activity are all thought to fall under this definition. 



This term refers to thoughts and ideas that have no substance or material form - they only exist mentally, as opposed to having a physical existence. 



The practice of necromancy is the art of communicating with the dead in an attempt to gain insight into the past, present, or future. Necromancy is a ritual that has been cited to have existed for many centuries, with Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans all thought to have engaged in necromancy in an attempt to communicate with the deceased.



Numerology is the study behind the meanings of the numbers that we encounter each day, and the investigation of their significance within our lives. It is believed that some numbers have occult meanings and that their presence in certain situations can be a sign from a greater power guiding your destiny. 



Occult is a term used to describe people, items, or other entities that relate to or deal with supernatural influence, agency, or phenomena



An event that takes place in the natural world which, for better or for worse, is said to presage a much more significant event in the life of the observer. An omen could be anything from a dream, a cloud, a rainstorm, the presence of an animal or bird, or any other natural occurrence. 


Out-of-Body Experience

This concept refers to the feeling of leaving one's body to then look at it from an external perspective. Shock, trauma, or sudden psychological or spiritual insights may trigger these typically brief and transient episodes. Out-of-body experiences are frequently recorded by victims of injuries and patients experiencing surgery. 



By reading the lines and other features of their hands, psychics are able to assess the sitter’s personality traits and life potential. It is said that the left hand represents the potential of the individual, while the right hand illustrates what the individual may do with that potential. A palmist reads the shape of the hands and fingers when giving a reading, taking note of the length of the fingers as well as the lines. 



The study of psychological phenomena that is deemed inexplicable by the laws of science and reason. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis are all studied within parapsychology, where there is a specific focus on investigating the evidence of mental awareness or the influence of external objects without interaction from a known physical source. 



A practice of divination used for answering YES or NO questions. The psychic reader hangs a pendulum, usually a necklace, which will have a crystal suspended from it. They will then ask the pendulum a YES or NO question, then let go of it gently; if the pendulum swings from front to back the answer is YES, and if it swings from left to right the answer is NO.


Physical Medium

A physical medium is an entity that, by paranormal means, direct voices, or other phenomena, can not only link to the spirit world, but is also able to create physical activity such as moving objects in the living world.



The taking over of a living person's body by a spirit, angel, or departed soul. Whenever they allow their spirit guides to talk through them, channelers often leave themselves vulnerable to possession, at least for a limited period. Demonic possession is uncommon, but some claim that there are instances of this occurrence.



A prophecy is a message that foretells a story based in the future, which is often delivered through a prophet or deity on behalf of a higher power or spirit. A prophecy is said to concern the world in which the prophet lives in and predicts events that are yet to happen. It is thought that a prophecy is a declaration of divine will and purpose, which predicts something that is to come, rather than something that may come.



The mention or explanation of a future circumstance or occurrence.



A strong intuitive feeling that something momentous and meaningful may happen. There is no need for the person having the premonition to be psychic or clairvoyant, they simply need intuition. 



 Refers to the sense or feeling from a psychic that a spirit force is present.



An individual with extraordinary telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship, or prophecy gifts. A sensitive person who can understand and disclose the future, truth, feelings, and emotions that are previously unknown to them. 



A consultation for insight and advice with an astrologer, Tarot reader, psychic, or medium that includes looking into the past, present, and future of the sitter, as well as the psychological state and motives of the sitter.



The term refers to a type of clairvoyance that involves collecting past knowledge.



A medium session involving at least one person, but sometimes more than a dozen, in which participants contact deceased friends and family members.


Sixth Sense

Beyond the five physical senses, the term refers to ESP. Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, and psychometry are all included within the term.



A spell is a series of words, or a phrase, which is thought to have magical powers that are beyond physical laws. Spells are thought to remove control from the bewitched, with actions dictated by either the spell or the entity who has cast the spell. In more simple terms, a spell is essentially a sequence of words designed to express the desire for change, which when backed by will, intent, belief, and energy may happen. 



This is the non-physical aspect of a person; it often acts as the room of our emotions and character. The spirit is also referred to as ‘the soul’.


Spirit Guides

Spirits who have passed on and reached a high degree of knowledge and divine consciousness, but remain connected to the earthly plane and its inhabitants. 


Spiritual Adviser

A psychic who can zero in on what disturbs a specific person and can intuitively sense the best ways for that person to overcome their issues. 



Spiritualism is the shared belief that the dead are able to communicate with the living. This is usually through the presence of a medium, who is a person thought to have exceptional gifts and the ability to connect with spirits who present themselves.



This term relates to entities that exist outside the boundaries of the natural world. Supernatural can also refer to power that goes beyond, or violates, natural forces and laws of physics.



A series of 78 photographs illustrating ancient and universal archetypes, as well as circumstances that could occur during the sitter’s lifetime. Presented as a deck of cards, this set is used to gain insights into the sitter and potentially predict their future


Tarot Cards

These are cards that are used to offer guidance and insight into your potential future or past. The deck will contain 72 cards, including 22 cards which represent virtues, vices, fortune, and death, and is likely to be used during a psychic reading as a way to read your energy and aura whilst gaining an insight into your life based on the cards that present themselves. There are 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards present, which each have different meanings. The Major Arcana cards represent life lessons, karmic influences, and themes which influence your life, whereas Minor Arcana cards relate to the trials and challenges that we are often faced with each day.


Tarot Reader

A psychic or intuitive who, when giving a reading, uses Tarot cards as his or her primary focus. The cards act as stimuli for the insights and the willingness of the reader to provide information.


Tarot Spread or Layout

A pattern that arises in the spread of Tarot cards to provide a specific message or prediction. Typically, a particular significance is associated with the position in the spread, and the context of the card put there is combined with the implication of the position in which it is. 



A talisman is an object, closely related to an amulet, which is believed to possess magical powers and energy. Depending on the talisman, the object may be used to protect or heal the individual who is in possession of the talisman, and for this reason, the object is usually one that is lightweight and portable, being kept in jewellery such as chains or rings for safe, practical transport and close contact at all times. For spaces that you desire to have this power watching over them at all times, a talisman can be built into the architecture of the building to cement these powers in place at that location forever. The main difference between an amulet and a talisman is the form that these items take - an amulet is usually a smaller item, whereas a talisman will usually be built into clothing, weaponry, or parchment that is inscribed with a magic text.


Tea Leaves

A sort of divination using the patterns that tea leaves create in a cup. It is believed that this method of reading originated in England several hundred years ago. The sitter drinks a cup of tea to prepare for a reading, leaving a small amount at the bottom of the cup. The cup is then turned onto its saucer, upside down. The diviner then picks up the cup and examines the remains left by the tea leaves on the bottom and on the sides to discover potential issues that the sitter has, find ways to solve them, and also foresee their future.



This is the process of communicating with another entity through senses other than the 5 senses - this would mean the sixth sense is being used, making this an exercise of occult power or psychic power.



A deep state of sleep, such as that achieved in profound hypnosis. The state of trance is used to either encourage spirit guides to communicate through the person, or leave their bodies through astral projection to enter the Higher Realms in pursuit of advanced knowledge and wisdom. Some psychics or mediums purposefully trigger trance states.



The word applies to images perceived either by paranormal phenomena or by paranormal means. Foresight, retrocognition, and remote viewing are examples of visions.


White Noise

The term refers to an acoustic phenomenon and describes a noise generated within a given bandwidth by all frequencies being equally intense. White noise, which includes all colour frequencies, is similar to white light. White noise is also interpreted as a kind of backdrop from which spirit voices emerge to psychic mediums.


White Magic

A form of magic that is used for positive purposes either for oneself or others. White magic is the use of supernatural power for selfless purposes, often to fix, heal, or improve the environments or those in need. Traditionally, practitioners of white magic have been referred to as: wise men/women, healers, white witches, or wizards. Practitioners of white magic are commonly seen as powerful forces for good, acting as protectors and healers for those without supernatural gifts.


Yin Yang

Deriving from ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept that focuses on dualism. By focusing on the way that opposite forces are able to counteract each other to create a healthy balance, yin yang investigates the battle between good and bad and the way that the relationship between the two is not just connected, but dependent upon one another. The symbol for yin yang is very commonly depicted as a circle which consists of equal parts black and white in an attempt to show how the light and dark must both be present to form a balance.



Zen is a tradition founded in wisdom and compassion, focusing on centering oneself in an attempt to connect with the ultimate reality of life. On the path to Zen, you will awaken your original nature and become at one with your spiritual self. The practice of Zen was first noted in ancient Japan, and rose in popularity within Chinese culture many years later. The direct translation from Japanese is “to see, to observe, to look”, which essentially sums up the ideals of focus, calmness, and reflection that Zen centres around. Whilst Zen is a study of perfection and precision, it is also impossible to accurately pinpoint what ‘Zen’ truly is - this definition is left up to the mind of the individual, as only you will know when you have reached a point of true Zen.



The zodiac is a diagram that is used by astrologers to measure and analyse the positions of the planets and stars. The zodiac is divided into twelve equal sections, each of which has its own name and symbol. The zodiac is used to try to calculate the influence of the planets, sun, moon, and stars on a person’s life.


The twelve star signs of the zodiac are: Aries, Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn.