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Hello, my name is Divine Deborah, I’m new to psychic sofa, I have chosen this amazing site as I have always used them for my spiritual and personal growth and have always been told by others and psychics since I was young that I had a gift of reading people and getting visions, since I was a little girl. My grandmother was a psychic and I have inherited her talents along the way. I’m a healer and a spiritual counsellor in my other job and have always been drawn to helping people most of my life, I’m told I’m warm, compassionate, easy to talk to and very caring , so I knew this was my perfect role in life. I love to learn and enjoy speaking to people from all walks of life, my passion is cooking, walking in nature and travelling to different places all over the country and the world, and meeting interesting people. I have had many readings in life myself, they have been the reason I wanted to do this myself, to help those who are needing a little help and guidance along the way and I think that in the future, psychics are going to be an amazing tool for each of us. To show you hidden talents, your gifts and creativity we all have and help to bring them forward. I’m happy to be here to help all those that contact me, I can’t wait to speak to you all amazing people. Looking forward to making some great connections and fun readings.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love to see how you can help a person feel more at ease and connected to there inner self after your readings, To hear there feedback of joy and happiness when something you predicted came true, and to help them get clarity in a situation they were not sure about. I enjoy making those connections with my readers, especially when they are going through dark times and periods of challenging experiences. it makes me happy when they choose me and you can go through that journey with them, and see them come out the other side in a better, understanding of themselves and more evolved. that gives me great satisfaction and peace, for you and them.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Leo, so I’m very fun, friendly, sunny, possitive and fiercely loyal. We love to be social leaders so I’m very natural with people and talking, lots of people tend to find me easy to talk to and come to me regularly outside of here with there problems, and I think Leo’s are very good at helping in any situations. There are times when Leo women can be over thinkers and sensitive and this has probably been my downfall in relationships sometimes, but mostly a Leo women or man reminds me of a very strong lion, fiercely protective of those around them and always on hand to help when needed, I do love to work out peoples star signs, just by watching and observing them, mostly I always get it right so I do see lots of traits of horoscopes in people all the time, I love to learn all about them.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was first aware when I was younger, I could always sense around me when things were about to happen, I remember moving a little boy away from a window, Many years ago, I I heard in my heard, please remove this child away from the window and get him to safety, minutes later the window smashed, just where he was and if he was sat there, he would of been seriously hurt. I also kept getting messages in my head when I was around people and in company of friends, which I would tell them and they kept coming true. I was told by a gypsy lady many years ago that I would do something in my life that I was very good at and that I was meant to do and here I am. I have always believed I had a gift for a very long time ,and even when I hold people, I feel they get such a warmth from me, I knew then that this was the right path for me, I feel so happy when I heal or read the angel cards, I know that even if I help one person, it’s a special thing .

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable one was telling someone 10 years ago that her boyfriend was going to propose to her very soon on the steps in London, she was very shocked and never believed me, just two weeks later, she rang me up and said to me, I got everything correct. He went down on one knee on steps in London and did exactly what I predicted, she never seen it coming or told him what I had said to her previous. That gave me great joy and clarification that the angels had trusted me to give these messages, it was a lovely experience for both me and her.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have 2 levels in counselling which has give me very good tools be very a great listener and guide. I think it’s extremely important to give someone the time to speak and hear back what they are saying in readings and not to judge or force ur opinions, just to advise and listen to there beliefs and situations. I have also worked in many fields in life as a support worker/carer, end of life and bereavement, which has given me many skills, methods, compassion and techniques in how to help those in these situations, I have experienced many challenging things in my own personal life too which has put me in very good stead for my work today, bring a reader and healer.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I think the most important thing to know before you have a reading is firstly to believe, to not expect all the answers you want right away and be open minded to a path you may not know is ahead of you. The reader may see this for you, but you may not at that time. To know you have free will and that your journey can change at any time, if you choose to change it. Also that predictions can happen at any time, timings are not always on that specific day, they can happen further on in your life sometimes if you changeyour path, but mostly they do happen in divine timing. I feel that when you believe and manifest your predictions, when you really choose to invite your true happiness in, then they have greater chance of happening on those timescales and timelines. I think the most important thing to remember when you consider having a reading Is to relax and go into your  inner self, not to have expectations or conditions, just to be yourself, it’s so much more easier to pick up things that is when you resonate with what that reader, and you feel it yourself, that’s such a beautiful thing .

What our customers say about DevineDeborah

Wow what an amazing reading I love every minuet of speaking to you love I am Jasmine sparkle ??

- Jasmine

14th December 2021

Great validations, kind relatable and very professional. Her predictions are accurate too. So easy to talk to.

- Neo

7th September 2021

What a kind, helpful, great lady. Can see things that are important, straight to the point, but very kind. x

- T

3rd September 2021

Very good with validations and picking up the small details, will definitely call back and update

- Chann

23rd August 2021

What can I say another amazing reading from Deborah on 15/07/21. Was feeling low are called Deborah and so glad I did . Came off the phone up lifted and confident to deal with the situation. This is my 3rd reading with Deborah and she is so caring, kind, professional , its like talking with a friend . You gave good advice on how to deal with the situation and help me understand the other person and my own feelings. God Bless and will call again. xxxx

- na

15th July 2021

I spoke to this lovely ladie on Wednesday night and she told me sim form of contact in 3 days yesterday a got an email within 3 days was a nasty 1 but communication was spot on waiting for rest to unfold before end of July thanks hun xx

- Amanda

4th July 2021

This is my second reading with Deborah 18/06/21 . Deborah is very fast and picks up everything right down to small details. Deborah your gift is outstanding and your so kind and caring . Thank you again and look forward to having a reading a again with you. God Bless xxx

- na

18th June 2021

Deborah you are very good , truly gifted. Had a lovely reading on 12/06/21 with Deborah and she was able to tune in straight away. Deborah picked up on my situation and gave spot on validations . Told me about me work which was spot on and gave good advice . Gave predictions and said to note the 20 th . Lovely lady and very uplifting , will defo call again. God bless and thank you .

- na

12th June 2021

1/6/21. Fantastic reader. Went straight in and I extended. Gave precise predictions on dates and times. Very clear and concise. Top notch reader! Thank you. Lisa xx

- Lisa

1st June 2021

Deborah is a lovely lady and an amazing reader who picked up so much about my situation and gave me a really detailed reading about what has been happening, and with lots of predictions as to the outcome. I will definitely come back to her. Thank you so much xx

- Emma

30th April 2021

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