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Hi, I'm Sheila J, I am a Clairsentient Empath which means that I can feel what you are feeling.    I am also an intuitive tarot reader and use the cards as a way in to look at your unique situation.  I have been a professional reader for over 10 years and have read for clients all over the world.  I specialise in Love & Relationship readings to shine light and give you the real deal on your situation.  I am very direct and honest in my reading method.  I send pure healing energy as I give my readings leaving the client with a feeling of empowerment.  

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love reading for my clients and the clarity I can give you.  I am a very direct and honest reader and give you all the information you will need to reach a decision or shine light on a difficult situation. I enjoy the link that the reader and client form and the feeling of empowerment I give to my clients is often commented on. I enjoy going deep into the situation you wish to look at to give you the answers you need to move forward in a positive way that is right for you.  

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

My star sign is Cancer.  We are water signs, feelings and emotions are very important to us.  I am typical of the sign and work closely with my ruling planet the Moon and the ebb and flow of its beautiful energy.  Being a Cancer sign I am emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, protective and caring. These are all good traits to have as a psychic reader and I am very grateful for the gifts I have been given. Home and family are very important to me as is looking for the good in all situations.  Cancer signs have big hearts, we want to look after people and we are great listeners.  Cancers really care about you.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a child I would often have predictive dreams and just know things that were unexplainable.  I could also see aura's and sense energy.  I didn't know that this was unusual and thought everyone could see and feel what I did.  Around the age of 18 I received my first deck of Tarot cards and I was hooked.  I studied the Tarot from that point on and find that it is a great tool to link in with the energy field of situations and also a way for me to receive messages from Spirit.  I do feel my psychic abilities are still unfolding and that this is a lifetime journey that I am thoroughly enjoying.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A few years back a lovely lady contacted me in distress regarding a former boyfriend that she had lost contact with many years before but had never forgotten and was still in love with.  She had recently divorced and was feeling very lonely.   She had been dreaming about her former boyfriend a lot lately and was concerned that something may have happened to him.  I was able to link in with her energy and the energy of the former boyfriend to tell her that he was OK, in fact more that, he would soon be back in her life.  She did not believe that this would happen as too much time had passed and he would not know where she was or how to contact her.  A few months later she had another reading with me, where she excitedly told me that the former boyfriend had been in touch with her through social media and that they had arranged to meet up.  Things were going great between them and it was like no time had passed at all.  She wanted to thank me for my initial reading and the story gets even better as they are now married and very happy together.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

As a light and vibrational energy worker I have the gifts of clear seeing, hearing and sensing.   I sense the energy around situations and people.  I am a trained Reiki healer.  I also use a pendulum and work with crystal energy and angel cards.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I feel that it is important for the client to go into a reading with an open mind.  The reading can often bring to light matters that the client may not have been aware off or was not expecting to hear.  Spirit works in mysterious ways and can shine light on areas that you are concerned or confused about. This can generate intense feelings, so I feel it is my job to create a safe space for you, where you know you are receiving pure energy from me to shine light on these difficult times.    It is also important to ask questions and to ask for clarity if the answer you receive is not clear.  I am a very direct and honest reader and leave my clients feeling uplifted and empowered and ready to move forward in a positive way knowing what to expect. 


What our customers say about Sheila J

A lovely lovey reader. Gave me so much hope for my future. highly recommend this reader.

- Archana

17th March 2019

You read me like a book Sheila. Words can't express how grateful I am!! Every single word you said today resonated. Lots of love and blessings and thanks a million. I am ever so grateful for listening to me. Will call again.Sonya xxx

- Sonya

1st February 2019

Had a wonderful reading with this lady tonight she was spot on with what she said, will definitely be back for another one after my Holiday to Egypt, love and light Sara A. x

- sara

20th November 2018

Sheila is amazing, she connects immediately and the level of accuracy is wow!!! She’s a gentle soul and so empowering.thank you so much x

- Sp

20th November 2018

Mind blowing ... accurate!! A conversation happened today only me and another person knew about it and she told me what it was about... will be back xlove and light ????

- Nels

25th September 2018

One word. Amazing. Picked up energetically on where I was, energy was just beaming I felt so much better after the reading. Picked up on people around me to a T.

- Lucy

27th May 2018

Thank you again for the help and love for me and what’s around me to help me move forward. Always great to connect with a fellow empath.

- N/A

31st January 2018

Thank you Sheila, you answered all my questions with stunning accuracy and have helped calm me down! You knew everything and every last detail to a 'T'. I will be back soon for more clarity and insight. Out of this World. Thank you. Maggie. xx

- n/a

26th January 2018

She is excelent call her khawla


22nd January 2018

Had a very nice reading. Sheila has a very comforting manner.

- Janet

22nd January 2018

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