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Trishie is honest and direct with her readings and connections and aims to give clarity to any given situations through her very individual readings. She can connect with the energy surrounding people and situations in your life, and connects with their thoughts and feelings which will help move you forward to greater understanding. Her skills are especially strong in relationships and connections around you. She can help find the answers you seek in situations where there is little movement and help give you confidence to bring about necessary changes in your life. She is a very empathetic reader who has many years experience, even at times being able to use her senses to feel how things can move forward for you. She has helped people through all walks of life and in addition to her psychic gift she has an instinctive understanding of peoples thoughts and feelings, through your choice if reading, through the skill of the tarot or psychic energy consultations, she also holds qualifications in NLP life coaching, integrated energy therapy and counselling. If you want a direct, honest approach to your reading with a very warm and caring lady then Trishie is the one to call. Love and light

What our customers say about Trishie

1st reading with Trishie today 06/12/17 . She was so accurate in picking up what was happening at work. Told me I am going through changes and that I will be getting a new job in January. Loved her energy and definitely recommend her. Xx

- Pali

6th December 2017

Had a reading with Trishie she was great. Described my partner perfectly and said to be patient hell be back within a few weeks. Will speak to her again shes lovely thanks so much Trishie x

- Rebecca

12th October 2017

Absolutely love this lady! An amazing reader! Picks up instantly feelings of and situations of people around you! Giving you a more deep understanding and mych needed clarification, she is an amazing reader and motivational counsellor! She has helped me tremendously, one of if not the best reader on this site! A credit to psychic sofa! She has and continues to help me, love her to bits! Lots of love Swan xxxx

- Swan

5th October 2017

A wonderful reading. Trishie saw all the nuances and her detailed knowing was very comforting. She gave definite predictions in a very organic way which feels very believable . I am grateful.

- Sally

21st May 2017

Thank you again dear Trishie. You recently read for me & predicted I will start work again around mid may and that I will have a choice between two places. You were spot on! I received confirmation today I will start working again from 15th May & I did have a choice between two places. Also, this work does involve travel as you predicted around 1.5 hours! You are a very kind lady and I would like to say thank you for all your help. Lots of love, Nxxx

- Nina

4th May 2017

Had a reading with Trishie mid March 2017 she said I would get a new job with higher pay and I will take the job. She also said my current employers won't want me to leave and will offer me a promotion she was spot on. Regards to my relationship she said the man I'm with won't want to lose me and will start to take action. She was right with all predictions. A phenomenal reader! Love R x

- N/A

4th April 2017

Trishie, you rock! You have read for me 2-3 times since February and your predictions are coming true already. The timings you give are pretty close which I know is extremely difficult for psychics to nail down. Thank you so much for your help & your brilliant readings. Love, Nina x

- Nina

31st March 2017

Trishie said that I would have two job opportunities come up. That one would tick a lot of the boxes but that the other one would fit into my life better. She also told me that one would be a bit further out and but that the money was good and made up for it. She was completely correct. predictions about other things are coming to pass now. She said my ex would be in contact soon and he has recently unblocked me so being patient with that.

- N/a

27th February 2017

Please give Trishie a call you will not be disappointed. such a lovely lady who picked up on my situation with ease and gives such clarity. I respect her honesty but she conveys it in such a kind & caring way. Thank you for reading for me this morning Trishie you keep me motivated & will let you know when your prediction happens. Xx


11th February 2017

Trishie is amazing , always spot on about the situation and is very honest about things. I have spoken alot to her lately as i have felt she is the only person who actually knows what im going through. I would recommend this lady , thanks Trishie xx

- Angela

4th February 2017

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