Are you an Indigo Adult?

If you are a spiritual person, who is sensitive to psychic phenomena and have strong feelings of empathy for others, you may be an Indigo adult. The Indigos were children born with the desire to change the world for the betterment of humanity.

Are you an Indigo Adult?

Tune into your powers of perception


If you are a spiritual person, who is sensitive to psychic phenomena and have strong feelings of empathy for others, you may be an Indigo adult. The Indigos were children born with the desire to change the world for the betterment of humanity, the creatures on the earth and the planet itself. A large number of Indigos were said to have been born in the 1970s, but Indigos existed before and since this decade. Now the Indigo children are grown-up: could you be one of them? See if you recognise yourself in the description below of typical Indigo traits.

  1. You challenge authority

You have a keen sense of justice and cannot stand to witness unfairness or inequality. So you always stand up for the underdog. For this reason you often find yourself clashing with authority figures. You may get into conflicts over what you see as unfair, especially as a young person. But you do not want to cause trouble, just challenge unfairness in life wherever you notice them. You do not believe in stifling tradition. You believe in challenging existing ways of thinking, religions and political ideology. You want to create a new way of living that brings equality and social justice to all.


  1. You have exceptional empathy

You are a caring person with very strong empathy levels. So much so that your heart hurts when you hear about the suffering of others. Consequently you find it difficult to watch the news or read about tragedies - so much so that sometimes it causes you emotional pain or you find yourself crying over the sad story of a person you've never met. But you want to stay informed of what's going on in the world because you want to fight for equality.


  1. You love animals

Linked to your high empathy, you care deeply about animals. Animals can sense your love for them so they are happy and relaxed around you. You're happiest out in nature, or volunteering at an animal shelter, or caring for your pets. You find it frustrating that other people are not as enlightened or advanced as you in their thinking. For instance, you know that animals are of equal importance to people, try to be patient with those who are not as clear-sighted as you.


  1. You are a seeker

Your favourite words are 'why?' and 'how?' Because you are a seeker of knowledge who wants to understand the reasoning behind rules and regulations. You cannot be told to simply obey, you need to know the reasons for what you're being told so you can decide if it is a just cause. Negative forces are baffling to you, such as war, suffering, unkindness and materialism. You just can't understand why people choose these negative options when they could choose positive solutions, instead.


  1. You are spiritual

You are spiritual but not religious. You reject the arcane traditions and unquestioned rules of mainstream religion to follow your own spiritual path. You may have psychic powers, or find peace in sacred places or buildings. You like to spread love and understanding. You may have had spiritual experiences, such as seeing spirits, angels or experienced a feeling of bliss inside a spiritual place. You notice synchronicities or co-incidences, for example noticing significant numbers, such as 11, and electrical equipment or technology often misfires around you.


  1. You sometimes feel despondent

Your empathy and sensitivity can cause you to feel downcast, even depressed. Sometimes it feels as if it's you against the world - and the world feels cold. You become despondent when you see a world based around money, materialism, cruelty and the irresponsible use of natural resources. Many people do not understand you - they are not on your wavelength. So surround yourself with people who are. Find charities or join groups of people who share your kind and compassionate outlook on the world. This will keep your spirits raised.


You need a life purpose

You are happiest when you have a cause to fight for or an altruistic goal to achieve. So Indigos can alleviate their tendency to despondency by find a purpose in life. Your purpose is often at odds with the traditions of society: financial success, consumerism and ambition. But if you follow your heart, you will find your purpose and you'll never give up on it. You have the power to improve the world and change society, so don't give up on your mission.


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