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I have always had this intuitive in-built belief that there is something beyond this earth plane existence. For this reason, I began to read up on and explore spiritualism - attending Spiritual church Open Circles and visiting private mediums and group readings. It was at such sittings that I was told the same thing by many readers - 'you must pursue this as you have the ability', 'you are very spiritual' etc .. Like most people, I hardly dared to believe it until one day when yet another medium at the Spiritualist Church had said the same thing and persuaded me to attend the awareness group. It all progressed from there and I found that I was able to give accurate names, events, situations and much more evidence that I hardly believed possible. I am now a Fledgling Medium' still undergoing development training and this will be ongoing (very important as you never ever stop learning!) This development class allows us to develop Spiritually and Psychically, using different techniques such as cards, psychometric reading, analysis of drawings and much more. This enables readings of both kinds. i.e., picking up energy from the actual person on the Earth plane (Psychic) and/or from Spirit guides (Mediumship). It is important to understand the difference as many people do not (as I, myself did not at first). Going forward, I continue to enjoy my development and the emotional fulfilment it gives me ..

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Many people (especially in these current times) are struggling emotionally and are understandably uncertain about the future, their jobs, finances etc. Relationships can suffer as a result and people need reassurance - especially if grieving over lost loved ones or worrying about family/friends on the earth plane. With the guidance of Spirit, I like to think I am helping people by tuning into their emotional needs and really feeling what they are feeling. I can use the energy to connect and relate to what they are going through and try to advise how to go forward - this shares their burdens which can surely only be a good thing. My friends have always sought me out for advice and support and so it is nice to be able to help other people that maybe don't have that emotional/spiritual support elsewhere.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I don't give up once I want to do something - so not put off by others negativity towards this kind of pursuit. I am loyal to people and will help them no matter what, and not judge them. I am extremely sensitive about things hence have a lot of empathy and can pick up on others emotions very easily - plus can sense hostility and negativity very easily .. Difficult things are a positive challenge for me, and I never take the easy option - sometimes come across as stubborn though for that reason!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have always felt slightly 'different' as a child in that I think and ponder deeply about things such as the meaning of life and the unknown - almost with an obsessive fascination. I always had imaginary friends and crystal-clear pictures in my mind of what these friends looked like. Things that others tended to brush aside would always fill me with wonder ... even a simple coincidence or 'Deja-vu'. I always felt that there was more to it than just our present 'being' as it were. The main signs have always been in Synchronicity - on a daily basis, thinking, saying, reading or writing a word that is said on TV or Radio at the same time for example... Because this started to happen so much more often (over the past 5 years or so) I decided to return to the Spiritual church and so I am now here, applying to do these readings.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

On a recent training & development session I was giving some information to a colleague and was pleased to be able to give her names of 4 family members and some recent events that these people had attended together. She was delighted with the information, and this is always so rewarding and a very positive experience

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have excellent people skills and a lot of empathy and patience with people - having been through some challenging life experiences myself I can fully understand that people need to reach out and speak to someone 'neutral' as it were. I have worked in call-centre environments a lot and spoken to all manner of people - I currently do a lot conversing with customers in my current sales job ..

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

They have to have a good instinctive feeling about that person before they start - they need to feel that they can trust and confide in the person and not be scared to ask things, however obscure. (Obviously within the guidelines set). One careless word from the reader could make or break a reading (in my opinion) 

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