Healing Articles

Sex as a healer

Some interesting information about spiritual and healing sex ...

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Do Something Childlike And Give In And Laugh!

Everyone has an inner child, it’s the part of us that just naturally wants to let go. Release the inner child, let go of blame, treat life like a game ...

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Be Mindful!

Meditation and mindfulness - Bring yourself back to who you are just by living in the moment. ...

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Get back in touch with your senses

How taste and smell can enhance your mood and spirituality ...

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Letting go of negative energy by cord cutting

Learning how to let go with rituals and the help of Archangel Michael ...

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The Sun ruler ship and life purpose

The Sun is central in everything and is a fascinating ball of energy. It gives us strength and vitality and is hugely spiritual. ...

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Spirit Guides and Chakras

Some refer to their guides as angels or “Guardian Angels” whereas others just believe that their guide is a part of themselves. ...

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Advice On Emotional Healing & Love

What's the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word "love" or "relationship"? Is it harmony, desire and equality? Or regret, anger and blame? ...

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