Spiritualise Your Worklife!

How to be successful at work the spiritual way

While your morning journey to work may consist of dashing for the last seat on the train or beeping your car horn at a careless driver, it probably doesn't include thinking about spirituality. In fact, as you rush to make it to your desk on time, wondering where the weekend went and feeling a little gloomy about the looming five days at your desk, you may even be feeling distinctly unspiritual! Glancing around at the equally grumpy faces of your colleagues you'd be forgiven for thinking spirituality can have no possible role in the workplace - but you'd be wrong.

Many people spend more time at work than they do with their family, so it's in everyone's best interests to make the office experience a pleasant one. By being mindful of a few simple spiritual principles you can improve your working day and be successful, too, while encouraging others to follow your example.

Spiritualise Your Worklife!

Despite the pre-conceptions, spirituality at work is not a contradiction in terms, nor does it mean that you have to be soft and fluffy - not usually qualities associated with doing well in business. The difference is you can be strong and tough without being aggressive and vindictive.
A couple of adjustments towards a more spiritual outlook at work can alter people's perception of you - making you more approachable and more well-liked, meaning that people will be more likely to trust you and pass business your way.

Another spiritual concept that features in the workplace is the Law of Attraction: what you give out you will get back. So if you give out encouragement, praise and recognition to your colleagues - that's what you'll get in return.

Be authentic
Don't pretend to be something you're not as colleagues will always see through you and wonder what you're trying to hide. Instead, use your work-related talents, whatever they may be, and take any opportunity to demonstrate them. This may lead to new job opportunities or a different role within your existing company. But use your talents in a way that helps your colleagues rather than just as a platform to show off.

Be fair
Treat colleagues as you'd like them to treat you. Grasping for an unfair advantage at work by claiming credit for someone else's idea, for example, may get you ahead in the short term. But in the long term people won't trust you.
Equally if you make a mistake, don't try to shift the blame. Explain why the issue occurred and the steps you've put in place to prevent it happening again.
You'll find that if you behave fairly, people are more willing to give you the credit when it's due.

Live in the moment
Although most jobs involve forward planning, it's equally important to put your heart and soul into the present. Only by focusing fully on the task at hand will you achieve the best results. Set aside time for planning so you can concentrate on one task at a time. Even the most mundane parts of your job require focus, so don't slip up by trying to race forward before you finish what you're doing now.

Be honest but kind
Don't shy away from difficult decisions or giving honest feedback when required. But if you need to make tough decisions temper your criticism with praise, explaining where your colleague's talent might be better directed and highlighting the things they have achieved.

Charity begins at work
Organise events that everyone can take part in to raise money for a charity. Perhaps you could have a bake-off, or a group of your workmates could register for a charity fun run. Raising money for charity can be a good team building exercise.
Encourage people to take part but don't put pressure on those who don't want to get involved.

Lunchtime meditation
Instead of staring at your computer screen at lunchtime, try meditating! Taking a break from your desk will give you some headspace meaning you return to work refreshed and more awake. A walking meditation is great for lunchtimes as you'll get some exercise, too.

Spiritual space
Add one or two items on your work desk that will keep you mindful of your spirituality. You might choose a crystal, a plant, a framed mantra or a positive saying. Having a couple of spiritual items around will promote positive feelings and will remind you of the bigger spiritual picture when you get stressed out by work issues.


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