Cosmic ordering with Moon cycles and Meditation

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Many of us may be familiar with the concept of Cosmic Ordering and we may have already followed certain rituals or performed certain spells. However the way you personally understand the process of cosmic ordering will also affect the way in which you order new things into your life. 

There is no right or wrong way to cosmic order, and you should feel comfortable and relaxed about following your own basic set of guidelines. Many of us cosmic order without knowing it but ultimately it is the thought process that leads us to our destination. It may be useful for you to bear in mind the saying: “your thoughts become things” because they really do!
In general the cosmic order within itself is a clear line of communication and it is also a validation that we have heard and understood our own needs and desires (usually the desire for cosmic ordering becomes extremely powerful when we have undergone a certain degree of adversity). This usually indicates that we are ready for something new, so in this case it may well be important for us to pay attention to our biological cycles so we are aware of the periods in which we feel most vibrant, alert and in a clear state of mind.
Reaching the end of an important cycle in our lives may cause us to think long and hard about what it is we wish to ascertain in order to reach our full potential, moon cycles and a still mind also play a major role with cosmic ordering, not to mention our individual transits astrologically.

Try not to get too overburdened with the concept of cosmic ordering but perhaps instead, see it as a sign that its already there, as if it wasn’t you wouldn’t feel the need to order. What cosmic ordering does is open us up to a new way of thinking, it warms us up and prepares us for the enlightenment that lies ahead.

Remember however, that if the yearning is not there to order, then you are simply not ready. It is also important to take make sure you are ordering for the right reasons as sometimes we may feel we are ready when in actual fact we are jus trying to order out of fear, frustration or impatience!
The stillness of the mind
When we are just thinking about ordering something in, it is vital that we stay focussed and remain in a peaceful state of mind. A good way to start is to meditate a little day by day. A good time, would be morning just before we get too involved in the hustle and bustle of life and should be an activity that becomes of natural habit, just like eating or sleeping. Once you have started a routine that suits you, you should start to feel more in touch with your higher self and you will know automatically when it is time to order and when it isn’t.  

When you choose your time to meditate you must be prepared for the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come and go in your mind. It can be rather tempting to prod or play around with our thoughts, but following a trail of them will cause distraction and  will guide us out of our meditative state of mind.  Taking time to let thoughts and feelings pass through naturally can take some time! [1]Shunryu Suzuki in Zen Mind suggests then that when you practice meditation you must not try to stop your thinking, instead simply attend to the moment, stay with the breath, and let it stop itself allowing yourself permission to have thoughts, some pleasant and some unpleasant. Remember that the more you try and control your thoughts or push them to one side the more power they will gain.
So in order to cosmic order to our full potential you can see why it is so important to allow a clear frame of mind as this will allow you to rid unnecessary thoughts that could be clouding your intuition. Once you have banished unnecessary thoughts you will be able to process true information, it may help you to think of your meditation as a cleansing ritual or a filter system in this case.
Ordering with Moon Cycles
New Moon
When the New Moon occurs, it rises when the sun rises which marks a fantastic time for new opportunities. With every moon cycle we find that it will move into a new zodiac sign so it is always important to pay attention to cycles so that you can decide what area of your life to work on. For example, Libra may relate to love and balance, whereas Capricorn will often relate to new work opportunities. The New Moon cycle offers us a chance to put everything behind us and start thinking ahead. It is a great time to order good luck or support when we are going ahead with new plans.
Waxing Moon
When the Moon is waxing it means that it is getting larger in the sky and moving from the New moon towards the Full Moon. You may notice after a New Moon that new projects or relationships start to warm up and this can be a great time for growth, rituals or self belief. This moon would be a great time to order what you need to make something work, which could be absolutely anything! If you have a sudden urge to order something, pay attention to what zodiac sign the moon is in at this stage, as this could speak about why you are feeling the sudden urge!
Full Moon
When the Full Moon occurs it means that both the Sun and the Moon are on a line with the Earth in between, it has reached its peak. Because it has reached its peak we too can often feel as if we have, and because the Moon connects with water and our emotions we too can feel extremely emotional in either a good way or a bad way. Therefore whatever is taking place in your life at the time of the Full Moon you can be sure that you will be feeling it to the max!  This a great time to order strength, power and love. It is also the highest point of psychic ability and intuition, this can be one of the most powerful periods to cosmic order and it usually last for around 2-3 days.
Waning Moon  
The Waning Moon means that it is decreasing in size and therefore this is the perfect time to let go of the things that we no longer need. Therefore this is a good time to have a clear out or start a cleansing ritual.  This can also be a super time to face up to the things that you feel weigh you down such as addictions, bad relationships or work issues.  Think about cosmic ordering  in your truth of self during this period and if you need to, ask for guidance, support and encouragement in moving forwards from spirit.
With love and light x x x



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