What do we mean by Ascension?

Some interesting information about our personal spiritual journey.

You may be wondering what ascension is as many of us move towards a transformative process where we feel as if something is changing...Well, this is basically what ascension is! It is a general feeling of moving upwards and what usually begins is a gradual process of self realisation where we start to become enlightened just by walking around as a human being!

This has been recognised as a process where we change from a disconnected being to a connected one instead, linking in with our higher self hence connecting to the realm of spirit.

Because our evolution process is rapidly accelerating, new, higher energies are forming. Therefore as we begin to clear we begin to embody more light from within.

We are able to use past experiences in a more advantageous way. We begin to burst out of our old world like a caterpillar shedding skin and reciprocate to  the universe spiritually. Many of us are already undergoing this experience and those of us that are may be feeling full of heart and compassion, creative, along with a general cosmic awareness and sensation within the body.

Our bodies become more like a compass where we allow our natural instincts to take over. Our pineal gland (third eye chakra) may be a lot sharper than what it was before. We may be experiencing a sharper sense of awareness, having flashbacks, dreaming premonitions and feeling more alert. These basic signs are symptoms that you are experiencing ascension!

Usually what people notice during ascension is a feeling of spirit within them as something is starting to merge from our higher consciousness, for example, parts of our soul connect to mind/body/spirit and we begin to feel a oneness with the universe.

However, everyone has their own particular experience of what they perceive to be ascension. It is important to remember that some of us have strong psychic energy whilst others have a stronger mental energy that may block the emotional responses of ascension, so many of us will feel more sensitive to ascension depending on our receptivity.  Of course some of us are simply not ready to undergo such strong spiritual sensations, but when the time is right we will surely know the signs.

A good way to tell if you are experiencing ascension is to keep a record of your moods. Many people respond to a strong sensitivity and experience high and low moods, they may also feel that the general day to day sounds and vibrations that they are use to become harder to tolerate and become frustrated with their usual routines, there could even be a feeling of escapism attached to this where the individual just wants to escape!

Paying attention to these feelings is important because it will allow stronger feelings to rise to the surface allowing the individual to experience a complete balance of emotions and wellbeing. Keeping a note of your sensations will help to draw you towards peace, contentment and change. Although this may not be an easy journey at first, it will be worth it. The process is an inward journey and many people already on the spiritual path will be able to relate to this. You may wish to spend time alone in nature as it will allow time for reflection where thoughts can filter themselves out effortlessly.

More importantly, if we also take time to respect nature we may notice the difference within ourselves as nature offers us so much. The earth can offer great healing and as it begins to ascend and we as humans start to respond.

This is also part of the spiritual journey, as we sub consciously respond to the earth, we are awakening and linking in with the vibrations and this again is another reason why we are undergoing spiritual changes and a heightened sense of awareness. If we think about natural disasters for example, all people, plants, animals are affected passing on feelings of fear and anxiety and so many of us sense these vibrations hence follow the path of  healing.

Although we are undergoing such strong changes we must continue to be of service to humanity in our own special, unique way and remember that we are all bright lights, precious to the earth and full of vitality. We come to earth to learn an important lesson so pay attention to what you are feeling and sensing!

Signs you are experiencing ascension:

·        Feelings of disorientation, feeling out of synch and sensations of unreality
·        Feeling as if you are in a dream state
·        Being very sensitive to crowds, TV, noise and wanting to escape from routines
·        Feeling detached from friends or noticing that you don’t have anything in common with friends             anymore
·        Not worrying about ego driven activities but instead paying attention to outer alignments
·        Feeling a strong connection with nature all of a sudden and wanting to exercise more, going for walks or taking up yoga
·        Experiencing mindfulness effortlessly
·        Constantly researching spiritual matters and wanting to know what’s going on

With love and light x x x x x 


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