What Do the Planets Mean for Your Star Sign?

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In astrology, planets - and their movements - play a key role in how we understand ourselves, our future, the past, and more. However, planets orbiting across the zodiac wheel can mean different things for different star signs. 

In this blog, we will explore the role of planets in astrology and what they mean for your star sign.

The Planets and Astrology

Each planet (even the Sun, the Moon, and, yes, Pluto) can be symbolic. In particular, astrology deems them to be connected to an individual’s personality and experiences. 

This is known as ‘aspects’ in astrology, or the angular relationships between luminaries (the Sun and Moon), and other celestial bodies. Calculating these aspects can identify the relative position of planets (in the sky and in your natal chart), and highlight the connections between these celestial bodies. 

Aspects in More Detail

Aspects are typically split into two:

  1. ‘Soft’ - representing positive relationships. 
  2. ‘Hard’ - representing challenging connections.

There are numerous aspects that can be explored, but most astrologers focus on the following five:

  1. Conjunctions (0 degrees) - when planets meet at the exact same point, their cosmic energies blend together. 
  2. Oppositions (180 degrees) - when planets meet at exact opposite positions, they generate conflict and tension. 
  3. Trines (120 degrees) - planets that are four star signs apart and of the same element (fire, water, air, earth), providing harmony but struggle with improvement. 
  4. Squares (90 degrees) - planets that are three signs apart or form a 90-degree angle in the sky, providing the opportunity to identify issues and address them.
  5. Sextiles (60 degrees) - planets that are two zodiac signs apart or at a 60-degree angle in the sky, with signs of the same polarity (fire/air, earth/water); deepens understanding and is supportive. 

So, what do each of the planets rule and what is their relationship with specific star signs?

The Sun

Rules: Leo 

The Sun, a luminary of the self and vitality, and takes approximately one month to transit between signs. Ruling confident and boastful Leo, it’s not surprising to find that the Sun symbolises our personality and offers a basic understanding of why and how we do what we do. 

The Moon

Rules: Cancer

The moon is another luminary, representing emotions and intuition, and rules emotional Cancer. The moon takes two to three days to move between the zodiac signs and is considered to reflect our instinctive reactions. If the sun shows us what we do, the moon highlights our instincts that drive our decisions. 


Rules: GeminiVirgo

The planet of communication and information, Mercury rules both the social air sign Gemini and the humble earth sign Virgo. Transiting every three to four weeks, this planet shows us how we communicate, think, and learn. While Gemini and Virgo might seem like an uncanny pair, these signs represent the two sides to Mercury: confident communicator Gemini and analytical and deep-thinker Virgo. 


Rules: TaurusLibra

Venus, the planet of beauty and relationships, transits every four to five weeks. This planet governs both earth sign Taurus and air sign Libra, another peculiar pair that reflects Venus’ expression of physical (Taurus) and cerebral (Libra) affection. Venus shows us our love language and what we are attracted to. 


Rules: Aries

Ruling the ambitious and competitive Aries, Mars was named after the Roman god of war and is the warrior planet. Symbolising aggression and action, Mars reflects our passion and ambition. It takes six to seven weeks to transit between planets and offers insights into what drives us to act. 


Rules: Sagittarius

Jupiter transits every 12 to 13 months, depicting our hopes and optimism. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and growth. It rules the adventurous Sagittarius, and encourages us to broaden our horizons. When Jupiter is in retrograde, this period can provide the opportunity for us to grow in many ways. 


Rules: Capricorn

Saturn, the planet known for discipline, structure, and responsibility, transits every two to three years and governs the loyal and diligent Capricorn. Saturn plays by the rules and urges us to do the same. It can portray life lessons and how to take accountability, yet at the same time, show us where our limitations may lie. 


Rules: Aquarius 

The intellectual and innovative Aquarius is governed by the planet of rebellion and freedom, Uranus. It takes about seven years to transit between planets and can represent sudden changes that we might experience over our lifetime. Unlike Saturn, this revolutionary planet doesn’t play by the rules, and instead aims to make its own. 


Rules: Pisces

Symbolising dreams and mysticism, Neptune represents the spiritual unknown. It’s no wonder that it governs the creative and dreamy Pisces, a water sign that’s known for its intuitive and imaginative nature. Neptune takes around 10 to 12 years to transit each sign and reveals our innermost desires and delusions. When Neptunian energy is at its highest, it’s important to throw down an anchor to prevent being lost to its elusiveness and mystique. 


Rules: Scorpio

Pluto takes the longest to transit between planets, taking 12 to 15 years. The planet of power and transformation, Pluto shows us how we can transform and be ‘reborn’. Ruling the enigmatic and charismatic Scorpio, Pluto also symbolises death and evolution, portraying how we may deal with the concept of death and destruction. 

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