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Psychic clairvoyant,clairsentient,claircognisence natural psychic,can use accurate gypsy or tarot cards if the client wants both

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Michele pin 4677

Psychic clairvoyant,clairsentient,claircognisence natural psychic,can use accurate gypsy or tarot cards if the client wants both



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Michele's Profile

I am a natural psychic and I am clairvoyant and clairsentient and have claircognisence which means a knowing of something. I have had this ability since I was a child. I use all my abilities to give the most accurate honest reading possible and the client will be assured of getting a good insight to the answers they are seeking. I am an honest reader I will give honest information as it comes through to help the client in the best possible way so they go away with clarity and feel much better than they did before the reading and I hope to solve all their queries. Life is hard so let's make it a little easier and happier. I am very open-minded and no problem is too big and I like to solve problems so the client can go away with as much clarity as possible.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I am very open-minded and no problem is too big and I like to solve problems so the client can go away with as much clarity as possible I like to help people and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I have helped someone with a specific need. I genuinely like to see people happier to see people lifted I love I like giving clients specific help in that area of concern I like to see them content after gaining the insight they need and I am non-judgemental.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Libra and my ruling planet is Venus so I am very understanding of love situations and all things romantic. I am also balanced and very caring like to get peace and justice and fairness and a happy result in all things as much as I possibly can. I also love food and a little bit of glamour like most Libras. We also have moon signs and ascendants I was first aware of my psychic ability so it is not straightforward as being one sign. We all have our own traits and characteristics that make us all interesting.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was first aware of my psychic ability I was first aware of my psychic ability when I was 5 years old I could see things and feel things and predict when they happened before that happened and it's for and stronger as I've become older and I have been reading for clients professionally since my teenage years.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

This is a funny story. I remember a lady called me for a reading and she was a real sceptic when it came to anything psychic or spiritual or metaphysical. I told her I saw her going to the Caribbean in around two months’ time and she responded with saying that's rubbish I'm afraid of flying and I have no money. She then hung up. She phoned me back to you in a half months later and said an hour after she spoke to me she entered a competition on a famous morning TV show and won a cruise to the Caribbean with £4000 spending money and said she really enjoyed it. She has been having readings with me ever since.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I’m a natural psychic I also am a crystal therapist and I have taught cards in various classes. But I use my natural psychic abilities for readings to give the most accurate results for our clients’ needs.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To be open minded and non-judgemental and honest with the client and to connect with the client so they feel happy and comfortable and as relaxed as possible. The reading is about them and solving their problems and for them to go away happier than when they came.

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An angel from heaven amazing spirit tells the truth super accurate amazing and really gives advice and support thank you

Michele is lovely, also an ethical reader. Very accurate. I can sometimes not be well, and she will say she cannot connect with me. I am also psychic, and I picked up what you did this morning and appreciate it. Genuine gifted reader, what Michele has told me in the past, has been accurate and very true. Her predictions come to pass too. She wont waste your money. Thank you for what you do Michele. A beautiful gifted soul who is in the right line of work. That really touched me this morning. Thank you.

Lovely reader A+ tells you how it is not what you want to hear x

Thank you for your advice and kind words over the past couple months, you are a great reader! I look forward to having more readings with you in the future! allyson

Thank you Michele for an outstanding amazing accurate reading. You are truly gifted and the REAL DEAL . Saw EVERYTHING. You are definitely one of my favourites now. Love Margarita XXX

Every prediction spot on all came in very accurate

Thank you Michele for a wonderful reading, I look forward to your predictions coming true regarding my love life. Thank you so much Sharon 25.11.19

Just to say a sincere thank you Michele for my reading this morning...……...about 10.30 am Sunday 27th October 2019. Michele is a warm, kind, caring person and an amazing reader/clairvoyant. Spot on with everything in my life over the past few years. Michele has given me lots to look forward to from now and during 2020. I feel sure that all will fall into place as she has said. Would love to have extended again. Could have talked with her all day! I'll definitely call Michele again. Wonderful lady, many blessings to you...……..all will be well

Michele is lovely and very understanding and kind....again her prediction about a gentleman came true she did say that I wont meet him and it the person concerned moved away...she is the only reader who will tell you the truth no false hope and only honesty ...this lady is very good predictions always comes in...thank you again michele lots of love to you xx kymmy speak to you soon God bless xx

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