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10 Ways to recognise your Soulmate

Is your romance running along smoothly? Or have you encountered a couple of bumpy moments? Either way, you're probably hoping that this relationship will be the one to last. ...

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What is Love?

No matter what problems you experience in your life there is one solution that resolves everything. Love is powerful and all encompassing, and can help to heal all hurts. ...

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9 Ways to Roll with the Changes

Change is the only constant in life. It will happen. From redundancies at work to relationships ending to children leaving home. Change is inevitable. ...

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Hope - The future's looking bright for you, if you allow it!

More people than ever before are rejecting rigid, traditional belief systems. Instead, people are realising spirituality is innately inside every single person on the planet! ...

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8 Soulmate Secrets

Finding your soulmate transforms your life! When you finally find the person you're supposed to fall in love with, your world will change for the better. But it might not be in the way you expect! Finding your soulmate improves every area of your life, n ...

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What Are Realistic Relationship Expectations?

Relationships are all about the give and the take. When this is in balance you have a healthy relationship that nurtures and supports both individuals. ...

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Is It A Reason, Season Or Lifetime Connection?

You meet a good-looking stranger and you instantly have high hopes that this is the One. Before you know it, this handsome dude has been and gone! It’s important to accept that people come and go for our essential spiritual growth and evolution. ...

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9 Signs You Need to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Everyone has spiritual energy. It's the spark of life within you that is more than your physical or mental self - it's your connection to the divine and to the world around you. ...

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10 things to give up to be happier

New Year's resolutions rarely last - here are a few simple ideas to changing your negative routines in 2017 ...

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Change your life!

As you wake up to the beginning of the year, you're probably wondering how you can change and improve your life in the coming year. January is a month for transformation and opportunity in all areas of life. ...

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Super Easy Energy Protection Tricks

Empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive people often have a hard time of protecting their energy. When you can easily sense the energy and emotions of others, and quickly absorb the vibe in your environment, protecting yourself energetically is important ...

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Small Stuff You Shouldn't Sweat Over

Letting go of the need to have life in perfect order helps you shift your perspective so that you can see what’s actually important. ...

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