What Are Astrology Houses and What Do They Mean for You?

The 12 houses in astrology each govern a different aspect of life. Learn how to understand your birth chart in order to work on different aspects of your life.

The zodiac is split between 12 star signs, as well as 12 astrology houses. Astrology houses are not physical houses, instead, they are the houses where the planets live on a chart.  

An astrology house is a section of the birth chart which represents an area of your life. 

Where the planets are placed by sign and house by birth chart and by transit will impact the narrative of the individual person. This will better help us to understand who we are, what we represent and the path our life may take. 

Whilst many of us know our star sign, not many of us have explored our houses. Let’s delve deeper into what the astrology houses are, and their significance. 

astrology houses

What Are Astrology Houses? We Reveal Their Significance

The 12 astrology houses show where the sun, moon and the planets appeared when you were born. The houses in astrology represent an area of your life that energy can manifest in. 

The universe has decided that you are required to focus more of your time on certain areas of your life. This is where the astrology houses come into play. Observing the placement of the houses on your birth chart can help you to better understand the gifts or obstacles you will face in this lifetime and even help you understand your perfect star sign love match.


There are 12 houses and each house governs a different aspect of life.

Certain astrology houses will be weighted heavier in your birth chart than others. Despite this, the energy of all 12 houses exists within you. The sizes of your house might differ depending on where you were born.

The 12 houses represent Earth’s 24-hour rotation period around its axis. When observing your birth chart, you will notice that astrologers have fused the zodiac wheel and the astrology house wheel. With this in mind, due to the houses rotating every 24 hours, you must put in your exact time of birth when calculating your birth chart. To get an accurate birth chart you should plug in your time, date, and location of birth into the astrology software

In terms of interpreting what the astrology houses mean for you, you should follow this formula:

Planet: What energy are we talking about here? 

Star Sign: How does that energy show up in your life? 

House: Where does that energy show up for you?

To figure out which house or houses are more prevalent for you, you will need to inspect your birth chart to see where the most activity is. 

Bear in mind that the astrology house where your sun lives on the chart will represent where your personality shows up. When you tap into the energy of your sun’s house, that is when you shine the brightest. 

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The 12 Astrology Houses

As mentioned above, there are 12 astrology houses and each house governs a different aspect of life. This section explores what each house represents and focuses on.

The First House - The House of Self

Traditionally ruled by Aries, everything about the first house has to do with your personality, your style, self-actualization and who you are as a person.  This includes how you appear to other people. 

The Second House - The House of Possessions

Traditionally ruled by Taurus, the second house focuses on your self-worth, confidence, money, finances, resources and material belongings. 

The Third House - The House of Communication

Traditionally ruled by Gemini, the third house rules writing, learning, thoughts, language, communication and technology, as well as short-distance travel. 

The Fourth House - The House of Home & Family

Traditionally ruled by Cancer, this house is all about your home and family dynamic, your roots and commitment as well as your childhood. 

The Fifth House - The House of Pleasure

Traditionally ruled by Leo, the fifth house presents your skills and talents. On top of this, it focuses on play, creativity and self-expression. 

The Sixth House - The House of Health

Traditionally ruled by Virgo, the sixth house represents your work environment, your health, duty, self-improvement,  routines and being of service to others. 

The Seventh House - The House of Partnership

Traditionally ruled by Libra, this house focuses on your platonic and romantic relationships as well as your business endeavours. This includes marriage, intimacy, compromise and equality. 

The Eighth House - The House of Sex & Death

Traditionally ruled by Scorpio, the eighth house represents transformation, death, sex, debt, taxes, letting go, joint finances, sexuality and sharing. 

The Ninth House - The House of Philosophy

Traditionally ruled by Sagittarius, this house talks about culture, long-distance travel, belief systems, journeys, spirituality and religion. 

The Tenth House - The House of Social Status

Traditionally ruled by Capricorn, this house discusses your career, mission in life, power and public image. 

The Eleventh House - The House of Friendship

Traditionally ruled by Aquarius, the eleventh house represents your friendship groups, networking, goals, tribes, teamwork and connection. 

The Twelfth House - The House of the Unconscious

Finally, the twelfth house of traditionally ruled by Pisces and it focuses on the subconscious mind, release, endings, healing and karma. The twelfth house generally tells you where you have limiting beliefs, showing where you struggle with hidden issues. 

Our Trusted Psychics Can Help You Uncover the Meaning Behind Your Birth Chart

Now you’re more aware of the 12 astrology houses, and your birth chart, you can begin to use this information to help improve your life. Psychics can further assist you along this journey and help you better understand your birth chart, and interpret the messages it is sending you. 

With over 25 years of experience, we provide one of the best and cheapest psychic reading services available, giving you the chance to explore your birth chart on a deeper level.

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