Pisces Month: What the Stars Say About Love, Work, and More

The 12th astrological sign in the Zodiac, Pisces month lasts from February 19 to March 20. What do the stars have in store for this water sign? Let's look.

Folks, it’s Pisces month. 

Welcome to the much-needed month of balance and relaxation! We know that this is something that we all have been longing for. 

So, what do these times mean for you? 

Even if your astrological sign isn’t Pisces, it’s still worth looking into how the stars align this season when it comes to love, career, and life.  

But first, let’s take a look at a Piscean’s best personality traits!

pisces month

Pisces’ Best Personality Traits

Pisces is the twelfth house of the Zodiac, meaning that some of its traits and characteristics are similar or have been retained by the Zodiac signs before it. In particular, Pisces’ best traits include:

  • Compassion - Pisceans are extremely compassionate individuals who will always be there for others in their time of need. Kind is their middle name - they’re forever helping others with genuine sincerity
  • Empathy Water signs are known to have the innate ability to read others’ emotions with ease and are often extremely sensitive to others’ and their own feelings
  • Intuition - Ruled traditionally by the planet Jupiter, it’s not surprising that Pisceans are intuitive to the point that they’re almost, or possibly, psychic. They can sometimes see, feel, hear things that others can’t.
  • Generosity - Pisces people are gracious and generous, so when it comes to showing their appreciation and love to others, they’ll do this wholeheartedly.
  • Creative - After all, Neptune is their modern planetary ruler, so Pisceans aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box; you can expect their creativity and imagination to be boundless

Pisces in Love, Sex, & Relationships

When it comes to love, sex, and relationships this Pisces month, it’s all about showing you care, instead of simply telling. Surprise them with a heartfelt gift, or their favourite homemade meal, for instance. 

Whilst an ‘I love you’ is standard in a romantic (and non-romantic!) relationship, don’t forget that acts of kindness go a long way. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words! 

Keep things soft and romantic in the bedroom - now’s not the time to indulge in ‘no strings attached’ situationships - your energy can be put to better use if focused on enhancing your current relationships with family, friends, and your partner instead. 


If you’re looking for love this month, here are the signs that are most compatible with Pisces:

  • Taurus (check daily horoscope) - Taureans and Pisceans are an ideal match, sharing enthusiasm for creativity and bonding time; whilst their traits aren’t all that similar, they seem to balance each other out perfectly.
  • Cancer (check daily horoscope) - As signs with extreme emotional awareness, Cancer and Pisces are almost like two peas in a pod! They both understand the importance of meaningful connections and nurture this in their own relationship. 
  • Scorpio (check daily horoscope) - As a fellow water sign, Scorpios and Pisceans are a match that can connect deeply due to them being highly spiritual; a romantic relationship between the two can defy all odds.
  • Capricorn (check daily horoscope) - Capricorn and Pisces can help each other grow due to their natural sense of compassion; they encourage the other to make dreams into reality.

Career and Finance Forecast This Pisces Month 

Regardless of whether you’re already highly successful or just stepping foot on the career ladder, Pisces month is a great time to take a deep breath and let things be.  

You’ve been exerting yourself lately, and if you’re on the brink of burnout, it’s time to put your holiday hours to good use. 

This doesn’t mean to slack off! 

In fact, you’re probably going to want to be wise with your purchase decisions during this time. Whilst a holiday is certainly something worth considering, don’t make the mistake of splurging your finances when you can’t afford to - your good fortune is just on the horizon!

Pisces Health and Wellness 

Your health should be your top priority this Pisces month. If you’re a Pisces, then you’ve certainly kept yourself busy with helping and tending to others’ needs - it’s your natural instinct, after all. 

However, it’s time to let yourself relax, Pisces. Let others take care of you now. 

Treat yourself to a spa day, or to a meal that makes you happy! Wear whatever makes you feel confident and be comfortable in your own skin. You could even begin your journey to spirituality, embracing your astrological connection to the spiritual realm. 

pisces chart

What If You Have Pisces Elsewhere in Your Chart?

It’s very much possible that instead of being your sun sign, Pisces shows up in a different place of your astrological chart. Don’t fret! Here’s what it could mean for you:

Pisces Moon

The moon acts as your emotional compass, and when in Pisces, this indicates that you’re a highly intuitive individual, easily swayed by your own and others’ emotions. In fact, you’re deeply sentimental, often nostalgic and reminiscent of the past. 

Pisces Mercury 

Communication is at the heart of Mercury, so when it’s in Pisces, you’ll find that your communication style leans more towards emotion and creativity instead of facts and details. 

This also means that it can get a little tricky communicating with others who aren’t on the same wavelength as you - you’ll probably avoid confrontation at all costs, eager to ghost instead of talk it out. 

Pisces Venus

If Venus - the planet responsible for love, relationships, and beauty - was in Pisces at the time of your birth, you’re undoubtedly a hopeless romantic. You can’t help but be a sensitive person, especially when it comes to matters of the heart - so, you’re often generous and compassionate in romantic relationships.

Pisces Mars

Your energy and how you invest in it is reliant on Mars’ placement during your birth. In Pisces, your energy is often muted, so you prefer to take a laid-back approach. However, this fluctuates, so there may be phases where you’ll invest a lot of time and energy into something, and other days where you simply chill out. 

Pisces Rising

As a Pisces ascendant, you present yourself as empathetic and gentle, with a humanitarian spirit that never wavers, even in the face of travesty. You don’t want to be the hero - you want to be one who helps others on the sideline, never in the limelight but always there to help.

What’s in Store for You in Pisces Month & Beyond

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