7 Ways to a Spiritual Spring

You can use the inspiration and power of this fresh-start season to clean and clear out areas of your life, making room for new energy to propel you forward to greater successes.

In our latest blog article we discuss how you can freshen up your life ready for a prosperous new season.

Are you ready for a new phase of life? Because the renewing power of spring is on its way. Pagans celebrate the fire festival of Imbolc on February 2nd, which marks the first stirrings of spring. It's a joyful time, when the cold weather begins to melt and the first signs of new life come forth in the form of flowers and baby animals.

You can use the inspiration and power of this fresh-start season to clean and clear out areas of your life, making room for new energy to propel you forward to greater successes. Try the tips below so you can have a spiritual spring season.

1) Clean your mind

Change begins from within. So you need to be at peace with yourself to be able to move forward to a fresh start this spring. Negative thoughts and actions will bind you to the past and stop you from moving on. Think consciously to remove negativity from your mind. This means noticing your thoughts instead of just experiencing them. Notice when you begin to think negative things about yourself or about other people. If you become conscious of your negative thoughts, you can stop them. Get to the root cause of lingering negativity. Why are you gossiping about a colleague? Why do you feel down on yourself? Why do you keep returning to that bad habit? Spend time in introspection and soul-searching now, to lay solid foundations for your fresh-start spring.

2) Dust away emotional cobwebs

To start the new season with fresh energy, you need to purge the past. Anything from your past that is no longer for your highest good needs to go. So that means emotions, but also objects with emotional attachments that are no longer positive. Imbolc is a season of light, so why not release old energy in a bonfire? Burn letters or legal papers from a past relationship that ended badly, write negative emotions down on paper and burn those too. Really visualise the negative feelings and emotions dissipating as the papers burn. Give away bigger items, such as furniture and jewellery to charity, so you can truly clear out your emotional cobwebs, leaving you free to move forward.

3) Decide on change

With powerful energy from the shift of the new season propelling you along: now is the time to change for the better. All you have to do is decide what changes you want to make. What career changes would you like? What relationship changes would you make? What habits do you want to change? Create the biggest impact by choosing many aspects of your life to change but making slow and steady little changes. Chip away at the old to reveal the new. Stay dedicated to change.

4) Set intentions

A good way to kick-start change in your life is to set firm intentions. Choose one change you'd most like to see happen and set it as an intention before you meditate. To do this, phrase the intention in a positive way and say it out loud. Really believe it could happen. Your intention must be positive and not harmful to anyone else.

For example, if you are feeling tired or stressed, you could turn this around into a positive request by saying: 'I ask that my energy be renewed so I feel strong and uplifted'. Then you can go into your meditation, holding your intention in mind.

5) Get out there

The spring season is about putting plans into action. So you need to get out and about to be infused with this powerful seasonal energy. Take long walks in nature, start an exercise class or try some kind of beneficial physical activity. Moving the body helps the mind to renew, too. Spring is the time to plant seeds, mental and physical. So why not honour the new season by planting some bulbs or seeds. If you have no outside space, you can use a window-box. Plant colourful flowers or vegetables so you can watch them bloom and grow, in the same way as your plans for life changes will bloom.

6) Tune into kindness

The simplest way to attract positive change into your life is to be a positive change in the lives of others. That means small acts of kindness, such as smiling, helping, advising, cooking, fixing, keeping company or sharing knowledge. These little acts of kindness will set off a chain reaction, making you feel good but also leading on to other positive opportunities or meetings.

7) Try new to renew

If you stick to the same routine, you will limit your opportunity for change. So step out of your comfort zone by trying something different. Perhaps you could try a new hobby or sport, or join a social club. Even something as simple as making conversation with a neighbour you don't normally speak to could lead to positive change.


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