9 Signs You Need to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Everyone has spiritual energy. It's the spark of life within you that is more than your physical or mental self - it's your connection to the divine and to the world around you.

9 Signs You Need to Raise your Spiritual Vibration

Turn negative energy and thoughts into positive ones


Everyone has spiritual energy. It's the spark of life within you that is more than your physical or mental self - it's your connection to the divine and to the world around you. When you are happy your spiritual energy vibrates at a high frequency. Think about how you feel when you're in a loving romantic relationship - this is the feeling of high frequency vibrations.

A raised spiritual vibration is your natural state. It acts like a magnet, attracting a bounty of good things to you: people, experiences, career, and good fortune. But your spiritual vibration can lower if you make bad choices, such as associating with negative people or getting involved with negative behaviours or situations. The good news is that you can choose to raise your spiritual vibration and attract good into your life. By recognising damaging though patterns and behaviours, you can choose to stop them or change them. By doing this you will raise your vibration and attract good things into your life.


How to raise your Vibration

Ditch these damaging behaviours to raise your vibration:


1) Dependency

Think for yourself. Make your own choices. Decide what is right for you, based upon looking at both sides of the situation. Depending too much on something other than yourself, whether that's tradition, religion, a relationship or celebrities will leave you mentally and spiritually paralysed. You alone control your destiny. You alone can change your life for the better.


2) Guilt

You cannot change the past. Release guilt by making amends if you can. Resolve not to repeat the mistake that has left you with guilt. Take practical steps to ensure you do not make the same mistake. But, then, stop dwelling on past mistakes. Release your guilt and look forwards, not backwards.


3) Fear

Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of what might happen. If you allow yourself to be controlled by fear, you'll never be able to experience the joy of living to its fullest extent. No risk, no gain. Take a deep breath and do it. Expect the best but be prepared for the worst. Move on, gracefully, to other things if this one doesn't work out.


4) Victim mentality

You can go through life complaining that situations beyond your control are making you miserable. Victim mentality is blaming other people or events for your misfortunes. It's a way of avoiding responsibility for your actions. Break out of this low vibration mode of thinking by realising: there's always something you can do to change your life. Stop complaining and start the changes.


5) Regrets

You have regrets because you aren't perfect. You make mistakes. It's part of being human. But the things you regret are lessons for the future. You now know what to avoid or what to do differently - take heed of your regrets and use them to help you make better choices in future.


6) Judging others

The things you judge others about are often the things you fear about yourself. It's like a bully in the school yard insulting the quiet child because he himself fears being unpopular like that child. You judge people because, like the school yard bully, you need to feel superior, because you fear you're not. Everyone is equal. Nobody should judge or be judged. Being judgemental attracts negativity and slows down your vibration. So stop it!


7) Being materialistic

It's the opposite of being spiritual. You can become weighed down by the lust for material possessions. It's an obsession that blots out your spiritual side, making your vibration sluggish at best. Lighten your load by giving away anything you don't need.


8) Always needing to be right

Your opinion is not always the correct one. You should see this as an opportunity to learn, rather than a personal insult. You are a in a state of constant change, growth and learning - so listen to opinions you don't agree with see them as a way to increase your knowledge. You will find parts of other opinions to be interesting and mind expanding.


9) Resisting change

Change will always happen. Just as the skin cells of your body grown, then die, then renew, or a flower blooms then dies then blooms again next season: everything in the world is constantly changing. You have to embrace it and find what opportunities you can within the changes.


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