Spiritual Articles

How to read Auras including your own!

Some useful information to guide you ...

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Creative and spiritual growth through dreaming

Why it is important to pay attention to our dreams ...

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Why crying is good for the soul

How crying helps us to see clearly ...

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How do I contact my Spirit Guide?

Some useful information ...

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What are spells, where do they come from? And do they work?

Some useful information about spells ...

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Is being psychic a blessing?

Some interesting information on psychic instinct ...

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Controlling self doubt with the power of “I AM”

Making positive statements ...

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Deja Vu And Past Lives

Ever felt as if you have been here before? Or been somewhere strangely familiar without being able to place it? ...

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The power of colour

How colour can help us heal our lives ...

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Are you telepathic?

Interesting information about our telepathic instincts ...

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Information on karmic cycles and behaviour ...

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Mind Peace

How to focus your thoughts ...

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