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Specialises in: Medium, Cartomancy (Playing cards) Tarot, Crystal Ball Scrying, Pschic, Clairaudient, ClairVoyant, Clairsentinence, Claircognizance, Crystal Therapist & Reiki Practitioner, Counselor, Spiritual Coach

Back in the millennium the year '2000' my boyfriend died in sudden tragic consequences whilst i was pregnant which prompted me to go for my very first reading.. The psychic and clairvoyant who contacted my boyfriend in spirit offered me the opportunity to attend weekly development classes. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be able to learn such a thing and had always presumed people were either born with the gift or talent or not. Over the next couple of years I gradually progressed psychically as well as spiritually too by trying out various techniques and exercises, getting feedback whilst building my own self confidence within the field. Over time I found out first hand that in this life you sure can "reap what you have sewn!" therefor as human beings I am a firm believer that within us we all have the potential to prosper and grow within our lives and we do definitely get back from life exactly what we put into it?!? Amongst the years as well as finding out through personal experience in development classes and everyday life. Personally I developed daily both by trial and error as well giving off to people whatever I felt I had got to give no matter how sensible, strange, far-fetched or imaginative information which i had and held for whatever reason. This is what gave me the strength to become persistent and learn on all sorts of levels and train myself to trust too. I now tell my development students and that if "they want something hard enough then each person together and individually truly can work hard enough for it, like a muscle the more we use it the stronger it gets!?!" Turned out it was a blessing in disguise me developing and learning psychically and spiritually because my daughter was born naturally psychic so along her younger years I could offer teachings as well as informative understandings to her own sense of being.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I thoroughly enjoy giving readings to clients and am often still to this day filled with a bunch of butterfly-ing feeling/type of nerves whilst i tune in beforehand. I have a quick conversation with my guides warning them in a weird team tactic way to help keep them on their toes. I  endeavour to provide a professional and personalized reading to clients by using unique psychic and spiritual ways. I ensure each and every person whom I conduct a reading for enjoys their experience and understands all of the information they have been given throughout. I feel it is fundamental that my readings do in fact give the caller the right to receive an honest, factual, informative explained truthful insight and information given from their own spirit guides. I aim to provide the client that connection channeled from spirit saying words with love given directly from their spirit guides and relay information given to me which i then in turn pass onto them. It is imperative working as a professional provider of psychic and spiritual readings and I wholeheartedly stand by the need to ensure every reading I give I regard as being of utter importance to individuals. I value that each and every person readily receives all their questions answered and gains from the empowerment of its full enormity both during as well as after their reading has come to a conclusion. As each reading comes to a close I ensure the client feels completely at one with all offerings provided both psychically and said spiritually as well as answering any aspects of questions or queries which may have arisen during their personalized reading. Most likeable part from providing psychic and spiritual communications for me has got to be the uniqueness of understanding, conversational connections and providing as well as informing people positively whilst aiding clients aspects of learning and developing their own understanding about themselves. Those around them, and the world they live in. Their own communicative connections, assist ones development, provide personal positive attributes as well as helpful advice for the present day and foreseeable future as well.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Aquarians sure can be complex and from what I have been led to believe from information given to my star sign, we can often derive between two polarities even from one end of the chart to another or complete chalk and cheese modes. I ensure at least every other day I check out my latest Aquarius zodiacs offerings within the psychic sofa website and cannot help or resist checking out not only my daily horoscope but also my weekly and most definitely my monthly ones too. I enjoy reading my star signs from time to time and feel I would like to learn more not only about not only my Aquarian star sign but also learn about all the other signs of the zodiac too. To aid my learning I have started to slowly but surely try to teach myself some zodiac basics by downloading some star sign apps to help get to grips with at least some basics and fingers crossed i will grow from there.?. I also enjoy watching my star signs 'Aquarius' secrets of their personality traits, pros and cons, best compatible star sign love matches as well as why Aquarian's is the best zodiac sign to be, to have and to hold.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As mentioned above I was not born with a particular psychic or spiritual gift nor did I ever deep within my heart of hearts believe I could develop such depths but slowly and surely on a frequent day to day basis I progressed. Developed my confidence throughout development classes and gaining constructive critical in the form of feedback and branched out at first for fun to take the pressure off myself. At the end of a night I would read somebody's playing cards not how it is taught in the fortune telling cartomancy book but rather just how a friend of mine had taught me the basics and grew from there. thinking back to the early 2000's i started charging a pound per playing card reading and gradually increased the price tag over the years as I got better and much more confident too. I went on then a year later to learn the tarot basic ans specifics then I chose my own deck to learn from the Buddhist tarot deck known as "OSHO zen'. Although each card within the 78 card tarot deck has symbols and meanings I read energies and by giving off what information I hear. I use my clairvoyance, claireaudience and clairesentinene tools of the trade to read both the playing cards and tarot cards for people. I am a firm believer though after developing my mediumistic talents that the reader is only as strong as their spirit guides are and its imperative to work together with both reader and guides as a team. Building up communication methods, trust, sensibility aside as well as develop a humour harmonizing nature. Development through thorough time effort and sheer determination can make anybody in life learn and grow and as much as i have learned over the last eighteen and a half years i yearn with excitement knowing full well there is still an entirety of new additional aspects to developing psychically and spiritually therefore everyday beckons a new bespoke experience within this field. Daily when tuned in it tends to be spirit whom I find new things from and about which aid my learning and to which I pass  these new things to my students at development classes which forever fascinates us. I feel privileged not only to pass on my learning's and experiences and training techniques to my spiritual students and have adored the amazing journey from day to day and look forward to discovering a whole lot more fantastic finding future-wise too. Hand on heart connecting with spirit for me on a day to basis is a truly amazing awesome attribute to life itself and it sure is a privilege for me to meet, greet, communicate, hear, speak, sense with and feel their energy it truly is the greatest of gifts. To be able to pass on and share spiritual development during my classes and also in readings is an impeccable honour and extremely rewarding.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience with clients during them receiving a psychic and spiritual tarot reading from myself is the time when we both simultaneously feel their spirit guides communication and connection method. For example at times during readings spirit informs me of a particular way as a showing sign for the client for them to be able to tell or feel when their spirit guides are near them. For instance spirit may say to me as well as let me feel the spiritual sign in order to enable me to describe to the client how them too can them at that moment open up and become at one with their spirit guide and sense spirit energy. This is different for each individual whereas one time it could be an itchy nose the client may feel??? or a hand leaning on their right shoulder or maybe even a cob webby type of itchy feeling on the left hand side of their face. After informing each client how spirit is showing their sign connecting with them on occasions the person can feel it whilst still on th phone or during their reading whereas at other times they may experience that energy feeling after the call. On  numerous occasions and at times some clients call up again to inform me of their spirit communication connections since their reading with many also saying thank you too. This is a much much more than just a magical experience truly a psychic and spiritual phenomenon for each and all and different every time. Spirit guides want to connect with the client it beholds such a magical particle for both myself advising the person and most inadvertently for the person feeling the loving spirit energy during these communicating times. Psychically and spiritually when people can feel their spirit guides close to them it offers them an inexplicable experience casting deep connections much more wider and complex than can ever be explained but they individually believe as seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and sensing is experiencing which is believing and a brilliant starting point offering people not only hope but belief in all things spiritual is possible.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a trained Person Centered Counselor therefore I feel i offer a person an empathetic experience and understanding nature, I also have excellent communicative skills, as well as being a good listener whilst also offering a person an impartial non judgmental approach to the heart of any situation. I am a fully qualified Crystal Therapist with a vast knowledge of particular properties that many crystals hold and offer to people on a healing nature to most illnesses and can suggest useful stones which can be used to promote a persons overall well being albeit including physical ailments, individual intellectualism, emotional aspects and also develop spiritualism sides. I am also a fully qualified Reiki practitioner who offers on-to one Reiki healing to promote a persons whole well being increasing vitality and realigning individuals chakras system and boosting their energetic fields. I currently teach two psychic and spiritual communication development circles on a weekly basis therefor i can tend to work with a person and help them to realize their true potential of psychic progression and also assist them to recognize their current gifts and to date development traits as well as offer exercises, techniques, advice, provide answers and offer guidance for each individual to continue to learn and grow with their own personal psychic development.and spiritual communication. A few years aback me and my 17 year old naturally psychic daughter was offered what we excitedly thought was the most perfect position for a psychic and medium to be given for working with.  We both became employed as tour guides working within a well known British run ghost hunt association tuning in each weekend at various locations around the UK such as tunnels, ballrooms, castles, hotels and theaters too. Primarily our roles were to provide the guests with a detailed demonstration on how tools of the trade were used to detect spiritual activity, recognition of their unique experiences giving back instant feedback as well as ensuring each person received the most from the spirit apparitions in a professional manner offering individuals intriguing and unique experiences. Only with a persons permission can I then tune in with their individual overall energy system. Chakras too enabling me to then offer one on one a bespoke personalized verbal description of the persons current chakras. Overall well being and their energy fields and then state to them any complimentary crystals or alternative medicines, exercises or meditations which may be beneficial to improve and help promote peoples mind, body and spirit.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Make the most of this sacred space this is your tarot time…. Remain calm and collective and know it is ok to express your emotions and feelings during your reading and try to feel comfortable and confident throughout. As this is your safe space for you and it is the time for you to ask any unanswered questions you may have as this is the optimal time for you do so whilst your spirit guides are here. Ensure from your reading that you get to the bottom of what is on your mind and explore explanations offered during your reading from loved ones and find yourself feeling at one throughout the entirety of it from start, during and end of your personalized tarot reading. Bear in mind that this is your unique and special time being awarded with affirmations given complete from connections with your loving spirit guides whom may be lost and loved family or friends connecting from the spirit realm with love. Before you choose your reader either write down or have a mental check list of specific questions you have and be open minded to more questions or queries arising throughout your readings and ensure each and every question you may have or hold is asked specifically and then answered accordingly. Remember that psychic and spiritual readings is such a unique experience and provides a person with a prompt personalized and tailored to suit your self tendering to your individualistic needs, sense of style therefor it is important you not only enjoy but rather important that you receive a brilliant bespoke one to one reading.

What our customers say about Nevaeh

Very good reading and picked up on everything. Highly recommend Neveah. A xx

- Allison

17th September 2020

straight to the point throughout my reading from start to finish answered a lot of questions from information given and cards which showed within her spread. from a lady whom over many years hs received many readings i highly recommend Neveah as hitting the moment tuned in hitting all matters of the heart. thank you neveah your words meant oh so much to me at my time in need x x x

- lynne

27th December 2019

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