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Serena brings several tools to the table, rather like the Magician in the tarot and this is most apt as this card is associated with Hermes/Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Gemini she is!  The Magician always comes up with creative ways to solve problems. Serena is a certified tarot and angel card reader and in your session with her you can choose either tarot or angel cards, or a combination of both. She is also a certified astrologer having trained with the Faculty of Astrological Studies some thirty years ago and has also taught beginners astrology at adult education level. Serena therefore will always ask for your birth time to glean if there are any major astrological significators to your sun sign at the time of your reading. However, this is totally optional if astrology is not your ‘thing’. A full birth chart reading would have to be pre-booked as this would be more involved and she would need your birthplace, time etc. Another string to Serena’s bow is that she is a Spiritual and Well Being Life Coach and with this experience and knowledge at her fingertips you will unequivocally benefit from her card readings, of which she will deliver to you with much sensitivity, empathy, and guidance

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

This sounds an awful cliche, but I never fail not to be bowled over with joy when a client tells me I have changed their life around for the better in some way after a reading with me! Basically, my mantra is 'to be of service' wherever I can, and if I am able to help a client shift their stance, even just very slightly, to take on a different viewpoint or approach to a challenging situation, then this makes the reading extra worthwhile for me and brings me so much pleasure. It is wonderful to witness someone having an 'ah ha' moment; when something slots into place or comes up to their consciousness that they had not been aware of. This then provides my client with a whole new set of coping skills. To handle a relationship or situation in a different way marks the beginning of healing and change - after all, it is said that "Nothings changes until you change". I never fail to feel honoured and privileged if I can help to bring this about in some way.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

"Gemini's greatest gift to humanity resides in his/her ability to communicate ideas. Thus, Gemini finds tremendous purpose as an educator". Tick! That's me!  I am never happier then when I am passing on helpful information to my fellow human beings. So, to answer the heading question, yes, I believe I am true to my star sign. However, we all reach this admirable place at differing times in our lives; some find it sooner than others and it all depends on your individual birth chart and how your own personal journey pans out. From birth we are in a continuing process of becoming the very best of our Sun sign and it does not necessarily manifest immediately at birth, (indeed, we live in the energy of our Moon sign for the first seven years of life), but it is an ongoing process different for each person because each and every one of us is completely special and unique. I, as a Gemini, tick many of the descriptive keywords we attribute to Gemini: cheerful; adaptable and easy going; friendly; sensitive to others; quick-witted; flair for writing; loves communicating and so on. I am however a very 'watery' Gemini, so this bestows upon me strong intuitive and psychic capabilities to mix with my Gemini energy. I look forward to demonstrating this to you!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I first became aware of my gifts about thirty years ago and it came about in a rather round-about way!  I was having some hypnotherapy to try and give up smoking (which I have accomplished!), however the hypnotherapist clearly picked something up about me and asked if I was interested in astrology. I told her I didn't know anything about it and I asked her to fill me in. Goodness me, I was hooked immediately, and I asked her to recommend me to a local teacher. I went on eventually to study at the prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies in London where I gained my certificate. Then the Tarot came into my life shortly thereafter and I sought out a reputable teacher. My life changed irrevocably from that moment on, definitely for the better, and I have never looked back!

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have been blessed with many memorable experiences, but the latest situation that comes to mind brings me much joy when I think about it. A client came to me at a time of transition in her life. It was clear from her cards that there was something new and big waiting around the corner for her; we just had to get her there. Basically, the brief outline of the story is that according to her it was due to my intuition and advice that she decided to train as a healer. After a subsequent reading it was clear that this was not the end of the story, and I felt the acquisition of a business was 'on the cards' so to speak! This has now all manifested and my client is on 'cloud nine'. Yipeee!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Apart from my qualifications already mentioned, I am a Reiki Master. This qualification I feel most aptly compliments my card readings as I feel strongly that whichever way one endeavours to help other people, the approach should always be holistic - every situation or emotion can be related to mind, body, and spirit. In just the same way that the healing energy of Reiki can aid people in so many ways including giving them a deep sense of wellbeing; reduced stress; release of negative emotions and increased confidence to name but a few, this too is the same principle with card readings and my approach is essentially holistic. As I have already mentioned, I am a Spiritual and Well Being Life Coach and the tools, help and advice I bring from this also fit in very nicely with card readings, should this be required. I used to teach beginners astrology of which I gained good inter-personal skills. All the above qualifications I feel have enhanced my capabilities of dealing with clients’ issues, however complex.   

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Thoughts and the spoken word are extremely powerful! Before booking a reading, I would recommend a client to consider that once the reader has offered their interpretation of the cards and any advice given, it is advisable to practice discernment and basically not to try and deliberately make their life pan out according to the information given. It is important to allow situations to unfold organically. There is a very fine line, I believe, that has to be trod when reading cards and that is not to interfere in another person's spiritual growth, i.e., prevent them from making decisions which are, in themselves, an opportunity for growth, (even if we feel we have made the wrong decision, we will always learn something along the way to our benefit). I would advise any client before arranging a reading to remember the reader is always working for their client's highest good but to remember discernment and to remember that you always have 'choice' which is essentially so empowering. I would also point out that our higher selves, from which we gain our intuitive insights, do not have a calendar or a clock so it is important to be flexible about any timings given. So often other matters have to come into consideration before what has been predicated can manifest, so I feel this is an important point to factor in before booking a reading. The above thoughts, I hope, can help a client approach their reading with an openness that can prevent setting up any disappointment but only improve their life tenfold! 

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What our customers say about Serena

Serena is a breath of fresh air.. connects immediately and very professional. Warm and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend. I’ll be back

- Allly

4th January 2023

Absolutely amazing this lady is spot on and I will definitely be back for another reading. Serena is very empathic honest and gets right to the point. Thank you I can't wait to speak with you again X

- Selina

20th December 2022

Very much appreciated my reading this morning with Serena. I recommend her very highly

- Anon

17th December 2022

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