Clear out your clutter!

Getting rid of the things you no longer need to make room for new opportunities ...

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Twin Flames and Soul Mates

The difference between Twin Flames and Soul Mates ...

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Surround yourself with beauty!

Beautiful things make us feel great! ...

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Sun in Scorpio

What to expect for the Month ahead ...

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Are you an Empath?

Empaths live to feel, to guide and to help and they are sometimes even recognised as “Earth Angels” ...

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Don't be frightened to step back!

Relationships and mind Games - What to do when you feel like you are being controlled. ...

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Create your emotion!

Learn how to channel your emotions creatively ...

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Get back in touch with your senses

How taste and smell can enhance your mood and spirituality ...

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New Moon in Scorpio

Follow your passion ...

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Power Animals Don't Always Communicate Verbally - Animal Guide

Power animals and totems and some guidance to help you connect with our spirit world. ...

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Candle magic

The power of lighting a candle ...

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Halloween and Witches

Some history and seasonal fun for everyone ...

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